Get Your Tickets For The PUBG MOBILE Club Open Fall Split Finals


The PUBG MOBILE Club Open Fall Split Finals is coming up fast, and you can buy your tickets now for the event if you're interested in attending.

While you won't actually be competing in the finals and chasing that chicken dinner, you can be there in person to watch all the action unfold.

Each of 16 different regions will be represented by an ambassador to provide information on qualifying teams.


PUBG MOBILE Club Open tickets have early bird pricing

Official ticketing for the event doesn't start until November 6. This is when you'll be able to grab the tickets at the standard cost. For now, though, you can grab them at a less expensive cost thanks to the early bird pricing.

The early bird pricing will afford interested buyers the chance to save 20-percent on the tickets. You can grab them at the official website here, and early bird pricing will be available until Nov 5.

After that, tickets will be available to purchase all the way up to December 1. One thing to keep in mind, is that the event starts on November 29. December 1 is actually the last day of the event when the final matches will be held.


So, if you're wanting to go on that day or all three days of the event, you're better off getting the tickets well before this point. More specifically because seating will be limited, and because you will probably want the best seats you can get.

As of right now, the exact ticket pricing hasn't been revealed. To get early bird pricing, you will need to sign up at the website linked above with your email. We will update this post once details of the early bird and standard pricing have been confirmed.

16 different region ambassadors have been revealed

In addition to ticketing details and pricing Tencent and PUBG Corp. have also revealed the ambassadors for each region.


There is one ambassador for each region that will be representing their respective countries. The role of these ambassadors will be to provide details and updates on the teams competing.

They will be updating fans throughout the event, all throughout the month of November no less, about teams in their region. So when a team falls out or progresses forward, the ambassadors will keep people apprised of these developments.

For North America, the ambassador will be 7WorldsGaming. Details about the finals for each region will also be available through the PUBG MOBILE social channels, and on the PUBG MOBILE Esports channel.


This means you'll have more than enough ways to stay on top of which teams are advancing.