Garmin Pays Tribute To Star Wars With Legacy Design Smartwatches


Garmin has partnered up with Lucas Film to release Star Wars-themed smartwatches. Paying tribute to the mega pop culture hit franchise, Garmin has created these Legacy design wearables.

Officially called the Legacy Saga Series, you can find two different smartwatches, each with their own unique Star Wars design elements.

One is light, and one is dark. Modeled after the ever-present opposing sides of the force.


Garmin Star Wars smartwatches inspired by Rey, and Darth Vader

Each design is inspired by a particular character in the films. The light side watch is inspired by Rey, the protagonist in the most recent trilogy. The dark side watch meanwhile is inspired by Darth Vader.

You'd think it would be inspired by Kylo Ren, considering he comes from the same film trilogy as Rey. But even in death it appears Darth Vader holds much more sway than his predecessor.

Featuring a white watch case and stainless steel bezel with a white leather strap, the Rey watch also has the Rebel symbol on the top of the glass. You'll also find that same Rebel symbol on the back along with a motivational message that says "nothing's impossible."


The Darth Vader watch also comes with its own unique styling that evokes the dark, brooding nature of the empire. It's got a black watch case and bezel, a black leather strap, and red woven threaded accents.

On the back it even has the symbol of the Empire and its own message. Although instead of it being more inspirational, it says "rule the galaxy." Fitting, given the villains that would no doubt wear this watch.

Each watch is $399 and comes with an additional band

Though each watch comes with a color-matched leather strap, they also come with additional bands in the box. You'll get a white silicone band in the box with the Rey watch, and a black silicone band in the box with the Darth Vader watch.


Each watch is also $399, which is a bit pricier than most smartwatches out there that don't come from luxury brands. The sizes are also a bit different. The Rey model comes with a 40mm case, while the Darth Vader model comes with a 45mm case.

Both watches do have all the same features though. Such as 24/7 health monitoring, on-screen workouts, music playback capabilities, and more. The watches also support Garmin Pay and smart notifications.

You can already buy either watch, though shipping won't be available for three to five weeks according to Garmin's website.