Exynos 9830 Exists And Is Expected To Fuel The Galaxy S11

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So, as many of you probably heard, Samsung introduced a brand new flagship SoC recently, the Exynos 990. It was kind of obvious that chip will fuel the Galaxy S11, but that may not be the case, as the Exynos 9830 surfaced.

This makes things a bit confusing, to be quite honest. Max Weinbach, from XDA Developers, spotted the Exynos 9830 mention in the code of the latest One UI 2.0 beta build for the Galaxy S10.

The Exynos 9830 will fuel the Galaxy S11

Mr. Weinbach notes that the Exynos 9830 will almost certainly fuel the Galaxy S11, along with the Snapdragon 865. That makes all the sense in the world, as the Galaxy S10 is fueled by the Exynos 9820 and Snapdragon 855.


What about the Exynos 990? That processor has been announced as the latest and greatest addition by the company. Why won’t it ship inside the Galaxy S11? Well, it might, kind of.

At this point, you may be very confused. Well, we don’t have any proof just yet, but the Exynos 9830 may just be a rebranded Exynos 990. We don’t know why Samsung would do something like that, but it kind of makes sense.

It’s that, or the model number for the Exynos 9830 that was spotted actually belongs to the Exynos 990. That is also a possibility if Samsung decided to mix things up in the last minute. That would mean that the Exynos 9830 won’t launch under that name at all, and that the Exynos 990 will take its place.


There are several different scenarios that could happen, but we do believe that the Exynos 990 will fuel the phone in one form or the other.

Samsung will, almost certainly, release two SoC versions of the Galaxy S11 yet again. The Exynos variant will be released in Europe and India, while the Snapdragon model will be available in the US and China.

Three Galaxy S11 model numbers got spotted

Mr. Weinbach also managed to find three Galaxy S11 model numbers, which will be supported by a specific US carrier. He notes that these are all probably 5G models, and will have multi-CSC.


The Samsung Galaxy S11 series is expected to arrive in the second quarter of next year. If Samsung opts to stick to its release cycle, those devices will arrive in February or March.

A recent report suggested that the company already finalized the design and specs of the Galaxy S11. Software is probably still being worked on, though.

The Galaxy S11 is expected to ship with Android 10, and One UI 2. The device will include plenty of RAM, and will probably be made out of metal and glass. The Galaxy S11 design leaks are expected to start arriving in the near future.