Dark Mode Arrives To Edison Mail App For Android


Edison Mail is one of the best-rated email applications in the Google Play Store. Well, Edison Mail has just become even better, as the dark mode has arrived to the app.

The company has started rolling out dark mode to Edison Mail, and it will arrive to your phone via an update. The update is already rolling out, though it may take several days for you to get it.

Many people have been requesting this feature from the company, and Edison Software really delivered. The company rolled out a really good implementation of the dark mode for Edison Mail.


Edison Software did a great job with this dark mode implementation

You're getting a really dark gray background here, which is almost black, but not really. The company combines that with lighter shades of gray, and white color for some text and titles. Blue accents are also implemented in the design, which was to be expected, as that is the color of Edison Mail.

The dark mode should help ease eye strain when using your phone. This will come in really handy if you're typing a lot of emails, or reading a lot of them… and let's be honest, many people do these days.

You can check out the gallery below in order to see Edison Mail's dark mode for yourself. This is what's waiting for you if you opt to use it.


Speaking of which, if you've updated the app, and would like to activate dark mode inside Edison Mail, you'll need to flip a switch. Launch the app, and open the hamburger menu on the left. At that point, scroll all the way down in that menu, and the last option will be 'Dark Mode'. Flip the switch next to it, and there you go.

Dark Mode is a sole new feature in the latest version of Edison Mail, but the company released quite a few features to this app in the last year or so.

This app received quite a few new features in the last year or so

The company has added the 'Block Sender' option within the last year, which can send unwanted emails straight to trash. If someone is bothering you, and you've blocked that person, you won't need to deal with the spam folder or anything of the sort. Such emails can be sent directly to the trash, you don't even need to see them.


The 'Price Alert' feature is also worth mentioning. This feature alerts you of any refundable price drops on recent purchases, which can come in handy. Edison Software has also added the ability to Bulk Delete mass emails.

Another feature that the app offers, and we use a lot, is the ability to unsubscribe from newsletters with ease. Inside Edison Mail, you'll notice the 'Subscriptions' menu. Inside that menu, all your newsletter subscriptions will be shown, and you can unsubscribe within that menu. It's simple, it's useful, it's great. All in all, Edison Mail has proven to be quite a great email app for Android, and the addition of Dark Mode is a huge plus. If you'd like to try out the app, a download link is included below.

Download Edison Mail (Play Store)