Dark Mode For Instagram Android App Has Arrived

AH Instagram Dark Mode beta 1

Dark mode has finally arrived to Instagram for both Android and iOS. Just to be clear, we’re talking about the stable Instagram app, not a beta version or anything of the sort.

About two weeks ago, a report came in, saying that some Instagram Alpha users received the dark mode. Five days ago, the dark mode started rolling out to all Instagram Beta users, presuming you have a system-wide dark theme enabled.

Dark mode has arrived to Instagram Android app (stable channel)

Well, now the same is happening for the stable Instagram app, so pretty much everyone will have access to it. If you switched to the beta channel just for the dark mode, you can now switch back. Do note that this is a staged rollout, though. It may take a couple of days for the feature to become available to everyone.


It took Facebook quite a bit of time to bring a dark theme to Instagram. At least in the general scheme of things. Once reports started coming that it is being tested in Instagram Alpha, it arrived to the stable app in only two weeks.

Facebook opted to offer a proper dark mode to Instagram users. The app adopts a completely black background, and combines that with dark gray and white colors for text and icons.

We’ve been using the dark mode in Instagram Beta since it launched, and it has been working great. We did not really notice any issues with it, so this dark mode in the stable version should work perfectly fine.

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Google's dark theme implementation differs to Instagram's

Google has decided to offer a dark gray background, and combine that with shades of gray and white colors for its apps. Many other companies decided to go with a true dark theme, which may be a better choice for saving extra battery life.

Google actually started a real revolution with a dark theme earlier this year. The company promised to update all its major apps with a dark theme before Android 10 arrives.

The company did not really manage to make that mark, but it came really close. It updated a ton of its applications thus far, and those that were not updated before Android 10’s arrival, did get the update soon after.


That inspired many Android developers to do the same, in fact. Many Android apps had a dark theme for years now, but many of those that did not, got it in recent months. Instagram is actually a perfect example of that.

Speaking of Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, Facebook’s main app will also get a dark mode. We do not know when will that happen. A report that surfaced a while back confirmed that Facebook is working on it, though.

(Facebook) Messenger app already received a dark theme, a while back. Facebook’s Messenger app also adopts a true dark theme, with a proper black background.