Coinbase Pro Brings Customers A More Efficient Mobile Trading Experience


Coinbase, one of the most popular Bitcoing crypto exchanges around, announced that it is building a new app for its customers. 

It’ll be aptly named, Coinbase Pro. 

This app is going to allow users to have a more efficient mobile trading experience. As it is right now, Coinbase isn’t really that great on mobile. 


Coinbase says that mobile trading has been one of the most-requested products from the company. Currently, Coinbase Pro is only available on iOS, but it will be making its way over to Android in the very near future. 

In a blog post, Coinbase noted that “until now, our customers have had to make a choice: usability or mobility.” It continued by saying that with “Coinbase Pro, it is offering the most intuitive feature set of any mobile crypto trading platform.”

Coinbase says that the new app is going to offer real-time candles, depth charts and much more. Making it easier for users to decide when to buy or sell some Bitcoin. And since they can do it in the app on their smartphone, they are going to be able to do it from anywhere. 

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It’ll be the same features that Coinbase Pro offers on the desktop, but now, on your smartphone. 

Users will also be able to check prices, see their portfolios and execute orders faster than ever before. Coinbase believes that these tasks shouldn’t need to take more steps than necessary. So it’s eliminating a lot of the extra steps to get into these different things like executing orders. 

Coinbase is currently the largest crypto exchange in the US. It conducts over $141 million in trades over a 24-hour period, on average. So bringing this app to mobile users is going to make it even more popular, but also easier than ever for Coinbase users to buy and sell Bitcoin, even if they aren’t at home (or at work) in front of a computer. 


It’s also going to be a big upgrade from the Coinbase app that is available currently. As it is pretty limited in the functionality that it can do. But it does still allow you to check prices when you’re on the go