You Can Take Calls From Your Phone On Your PC With Latest Windows Insiders Update


Microsoft's Your Phone App's Calls feature is no longer exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Windows 10 Insiders on the Fast Ring can now try out the feature too. This functionality will enable users to manage calls without needing to use their Android smartphones.

The Calls Feature Is Exclusive To Windows Insiders At The Moment

The Calls feature comes bundled with the Windows 10 20H1 build 18999 that was released on Tuesday. Users that are not Insiders cannot try the feature right now. For Insiders though, all that is needed is an Android handset running 7 Nougat or a later version and the Your Phone app. The app is available on the Google Play Store.

Other requirements include a Windows 10 PC with Bluetooth connectivity, 19H1 build or newer, and the Windows 10 build 18362.356 at minimum. Additionally, the September 10 Patch Tuesday update is also needed. Needless to say, access to your PC's microphone, speakers and screen will also be a prerequisite. The feature will be rolled out gradually, so some users might have to wait a bit.


With the Calls feature, you will be able to answer calls on your PC. Moreover, it will also be possible to make calls from your computer with the help of the dialer or the contact list in the app. If you are unable to take a call, you can decline it with a text message or forward it to your phone's voicemail. Other than that, you will also be able to view your call history on your computer screen with the feature. And lastly, this new addition will also allow you to transfer calls between your smartphone and PC easily.

Don't Update To The New Build If You Want To Avoid Unknown Issues

Since this is a pre-release build, it's likely to have bugs. One of the known issues is that you might be asked to pair your handset and PC again. Thus, if your devices are already paired, you might want to unpair them and set up the whole thing again. If you need your PC for work, it is a good idea to steer clear of this update. Once the kinks are ironed out, we can expect Microsoft to make the feature freely available.

Microsoft's recently announced Surface Duo device, which will be released next year, will run Android. This is just another evidence that the company doesn't plan on trying its hand on smartphone OS again anytime soon. That's why the Redmond giant is exploring other ways to get smartphone users to try its apps.


The Your Phone app is once such effort. It connects the PC with an Android handset, allowing users to view smartphone media and text messages on their computer screens.  Additionally, the screen mirroring feature is also available on some devices. This synching also enables users to access their PC bookmarks and documents on their handsets.

This is a pretty smart move by Microsoft. Instead of building a new ecosystem from scratch, it's targeting users that are already on Android. iOS users can also download the Your Phone app, but they will not get all the features because of restrictions placed by Apple.