Snag Some Cheap Pixel 4 Cases & Screen Protectors Today


ESR is discounting a number of its already inexpensive cases for the Google Pixel 4, and making them even cheaper. There are also some screen protectors on sale too!

Some of the prices on these cases are as low as $7.42. That's pretty cheap for a case that is going to keep your Pixel 4 in prestine condition.

These do have coupon codes (which we'll outline below), but there are also on-page coupons that are good for 5-percent off. Clip those on-page coupons so you can get the lowest price possible.


Google Pixel 4

For the Pixel 4, there's the Clear Metal Kickstand Case, which is normally $14.24. But with the promo code YYEWIX3H it'll drop down to $12.82.

There's also the Essential Zero Clear Case that is $8.24. And with the promo code F2N6DUNN you can get it for just $7.42.

Finally, there's the Mimic Clear Tempered Glass Case that is normally $14.24, with code UI6GFPSP you can get it for just $12.82.


Google Pixel 4 XL

All the same cases are available for the Pixel 4 XL too at the same prices. So the Clear Metal Kickstand Case is $14.24 normally, and drops down to $12.82 with code F8R72K6O at checkout.

There's the Essential Zero Clear Case that is normally $8.24 and with the promo code 4X7NAEF8 it drops down to just $7.42.

Finally, the Mimic Clear Tempered Glass Case that is normally $14.24 is now $12.82 with the code 99TV34ZG. 


Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Finally, we've got screen protectors. You can get a tempered glass screen protector for the Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL for the same price, just $11.19. For the Pixel 4, use the promo code 46HGDZ9O and for Pixel 4 XL, use the promo code ZZNHDQYA at checkout.