Bungie Preps Destiny 2 For Stadia Logins Through Website & App


Bungie is ready to for Stadia users when it comes to Destiny 2 logins, and has loaded its website and Destiny 2 companion app with the option.

It's not actually possible to login with Stadia accounts yet, since the service isn't live. However, if you go to the Bungie website and hover over the sign in option, you'll find Stadia listed there.

You'll see the option in the companion app for the game as well. That is unless you're already logged into it with a different platform.


Destiny 2 cross save isn't available for Stadia yet either

Cross save is coming to Stadia. Which is something that Bungie noted back when it announced Shadowkeep. One might think that because the login options were now present, you could set up cross save.

On the contrary though Bungie confirms that cross save won't be available until the Stadia profile creation becomes available. Which is happening sometime at a later date.

Presumably that will happen on or around the time that Stadia launches, which is November 19. Destiny 2: The Collection is also going to be the platform's first free game of the month for Stadia Pro subscribers who have pre-ordered one of the bundles.


Of course the Founders bundles are already sold out in every country. So if you're still looking to pick one up you'll need to settle for the Premier bundle.

Stadia will have a player portal, presumably for profile management

Stadia logins may not be available but you can still attempt the process. If you do, the familiar Google account login screen appears in a separate window. After allowing the connection between Google and Bungie, you're met with a failed login attempt.

On this particular screen Bungie's message says that a Google account must have a Stadia name attached to it. It then says that you need to go the Stadia Player Portal to set one up.


Based on the wording it sounds like Stadia Player Portal will be how one manages their Stadia profile, including the gamertag or "Stadia name." It's quite likely that the player portal will have other stuff players can manage as well. Such as interacting with friends lists etc.

This is the first time that player portal has mentioned anywhere though. Google itself has never mentioned it in any capacity, so whatever it's for in regards to the service is still a mystery.