Brave Browser Is The Latest App To Get Dark Mode


Adding dark mode to applications is surely a trend these days, and Brave Browser is the latest app to get it. Brave Software has announced that a dark mode is a part of the Brave Browser v1.4 update.

The dark mode is not the only change this version is bringing, though. The company added several other functionality changes that are worth noting.

In addition to dark mode, the company added a new way to open a private tab. All you have to do is long-press the "+" button in order to get an option to open a private tab.


Dark mode is not the only change here

The company also made it easier to get out of settings. It's also easier to delete your download history now, if that's something you do often. Many Brave Browser users do, it seems, as this browser has a huge emphasis on privacy. In fact, the company often markets this browser as a privacy-oriented browser. It's often mentioned as an alternative to Chrome.

On top of the changes we've mentioned, the company also mentions some fixes in its changelog. Brave Software simply says that a "few small fixes" have been made.

That is pretty much it as far as the changelog is concerned. This version of the app is already seeding to users via the Play Store.


Some users have already received the update, while it will arrive to everyone within a couple of days. This is a staged rollout, as is usually the case with application from the Play Store.

As far as the dark mode itself is concerned, Brave Browser actually uses a dark gray color for its background. It combines that with various other shades of gray, it's not exactly a blackout dark mode.

This is not surprising, though, as Google has been implementing a similar dark theme for its applications. The same can be said for various other app developers.


It's quite simple to activate dark mode in Brave Browser

If you'd like to activate the dark mode, all you need to do is install the right version of the app. Once you have that, open the app, and click the three vertical dots in the bottom-right corner.

From there, tap "Settings". Once you're in that menu, go to the "Display" section, and tap "Appearance". There you will see the "Themes" option, and once you enter that menu, you'll be able to choose between "Light" and "Dark" modes.

If you have a dark mode activated on a system level, and are installing this app for the first time, dark mode will be automatically activated for you. You can still change to the light mode via settings, of course.