These Are The Best Games On Google Play Pass Right Now


The best games of Google Play Pass are not new games. Not like you would expect, anyway. Each game is relatively new, but has been around for the better part of a year or more.

That being said, this doesn't make them any less of a good game. There are amazing games which are decades old, so age doesn't really play too much into the quality of these titles.

Now that Play Pass is a couple of weeks old, users have had some time to let things sink in and give the service a try. And if you've yet to do so, these are the games you should check out when you begin your free 10-day trial.


These are the best games to try on Play Pass if you like adventure



This is an old classic, and if you haven't played it by now you're missing out. It was first released on PC and consoles years ago. Eventually it made its way to mobile and it has since risen to the ranks of a top game on Google Play. And with good reason.

It's a platforming adventure game where you take on the role a boy who enters limbo to find out the truth behind his sister's fate. As you try to find her, you'll need to solve puzzles and avoid all manner of creepy things.


The game's aesthetic also plays up the chilling vibe that it aims to give off. And it does a wonderful job of it. Normally the game is $4.99, so if you sign up for the $2 Play Pass monthly fee then it's well worth it for access to this game among the other great offerings.


terraria android game live 1


If you like Minecraft then you may like Terraria. It's entirely the same game but it does draw many similarities and takes inspiration from the popular Microsoft-owned title.

In Terraria, it's all about digging, finding resources, and building whatever you want in a community of millions of players. The game also supports multiplayer with up to seven other players, both locally and over Wi-Fi.

There's also enemies (over 300), bosses, and 20 different biomes and mini-biomes to explore. If you like the be creative, Terraria should be right up your alley.


Lumino City

Lumino City

This is another really great option. It's a puzzle-based adventure where all of the game's visuals were crafted completely by hand.


In Lumino City, you play as Lumi's granddaughter, who is trying to find him after he's been kidnapped. You must navigate the puzzling landscape of the city to progress through each level and uncover more of the story.

While this is set up to be fun simply because the puzzles are well-made, the visuals are the cherry on top. They really make the game shine, and are sure to captivate players.


Try these games if you like music and rhythm

Cytus II

Cytus II

One of the best games on Play Pass that seems to have recently been dropped into the service is Cytus II.

This is a rhythm-based game that features some gorgeous anime/manga-style visuals for backgrounds and characters. Beyond that there are loads of challenging tracks to complete.


Some are quite easy as you start out, but things quickly get more difficult. There are 100 songs in total to go through, though only 35 were accessible from the base game. Thanks to Google Play Pass though, you can have access to all 100 songs without having to spend a cent.

Check these games out if you're into simulation games

Game Dev TycoonGame Dev Tycoon

You love playing games, but have you ever dreamed of making them? Now you can with Game Dev Tycoon.

It's a story about you, a game developer, who starts up a game studio in the early 80s. Transition from humble beginnings to worldwide success as you build your studio up to grand heights.

As a simulation game, you'll need to make decisions that could either benefit your company or lead it down the path to ruin. You can design and create games, look at insight reports, grow into a massive market leader in the games industry and much more.

Fiz: Brewery Management GameFiz

Maybe game development isn't your thing and you're actually a beer guy or gal. If you love a good crafty brew and desire to create your own, this game is for you.

In the same sense as Game Dev Tycoon the idea here is to start from a small brewing company into a mega hit with beer drinkers.

Fiz contains more than 20 hours of gameplay so you'll have lots to keep you busy. There are also more than 60 different beer recipes to discover and churn out some of that delicious golden nectar.

Research marketplaces to sell your beer, hire employees to help you keep things on track, and become a brewery giant.

This Is The PoliceThis Is The Police

In This Is The Police you play the role of the police chief. Your main goal is to make enough money to live off of once you retire. Your second goal is to actually make it to retirement.

That may not be easy, as you're the police chief in a city filled with crime. You will need to make $500k by the time you're supposed to retire, and you sort of have free reign on how you accomplish that task.

Be careful though as your decisions hold weight. Make the wrong decision and you could end up penniless, or at the very least ending your storied career with nowhere near the amount of money you need.

The best games on Play Pass if you're fond of RPGs

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley official image 9

This might need no introduction as it's a wildly popular hit on PC. Stardew Valley is  farming RPG that is akin to the wonderful charm of Harvest Moon.

There's over 50 hours of gameplay so this is a big one and a game you will want to pick up for when you want to really dive into something for hours at a time.

That said it's also easy to pick up and play for short periods of time too.


Evoland e1455217186332

This is a love letter to RPGs in general, as it takes you through the history of RPG games through the visuals of its graphics.

You start off playing in a visual setting of older RPGs on systems like the Game Boy handheld, and eventually evolve into graphics that are more modern and commonplace today.

If you love RPGs and have been playing them for a while, this will be a nostalgia-filled magical experience.

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old RepublicStar Wars KOTOR

This game is a classic, and the port over to mobile has made sure that it stayed that way.

By that, we mean that the game hasn't been slimmed down from its original version. It's the full game as it can be played on the original platform.

There are a few changes, of course, such as digital controls and such made to fit on a touchscreen display, but other than the content is all there. Whether you're a new fan of Star Wars and are looking for a game based on the franchise, or an old fan who's played this before and looking to return, Star Wars KOTOR is a fantastic ride through the galaxy.