Stock Up On USB-C Cables With This AUKEY 5-Pack For $12

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Amazon is putting the very popular AUKEY 5-pack of USB-C cables on sale right now for just $12. Making it a steal for those that just upgraded to a new smartphone with USB-C.

These are normally priced at $17, but if you clip the on-page coupon, you can bring the price down to just $12.

This five pack of AUKEY USB-C cables are a really great pack to pick up. That's because you are getting a variety of sizes here. That includes three three-foot long cables (that's the standard length for cables. As well as a six-foot and a one-foot long cable. That one-foot long cable is going to be great for plugging into a computer, or into your car for Android Auto.


This way you have a variety of cables available to charge your phone and other devices in your home.

These are all USB-A to USB-C cables. So if you were looking to use the newer USB-C PD for fast charging, these cables won't work. And that's because USB-C PD uses, well, USB-C for both input and output. But those with Quick Charge 3.0 devices, this is going to work really well for you.

Unfortunately, these are not braided cables. But they are reinforced, so they should be okay, even if you are one that does a lot of bending of cables. Or perhaps you have a kid or two in your home that might want to mess with them or chew on them. But they are no means super strong like Anker's PowerLine+ cables.

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If you just picked up a new phone and realized that you're going to need some USB-C cables, then this is definitely the deal to jump on. It's definitely nice to be able to have a cable in the car for charging your phone on the go, and then another one at work.

You can pick up the AUKEY USB-C cables in this Amazon sale by clicking here.

AUKEY 5-Pack USB-C Cables - Amazon - $12