This Audible Escape Free Trial Gives You Unlimited Romantic Audiobooks

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Audible Escape has 14 love stories from Debbie Macomber that are now available as audiobooks, and you can listen to them all in this 30-day free trial.

This is in addition to regular Audible. So you’re going to pay $12.95 per month for Audible Escape. But if you are an Audible or Kindle Unlimited member, that price drops to $6.95 per month. And this starts after your first month of course.

It’s essentially geared towards romance and love stories only so you won’t get the millions of audiobooks that you would get with the standard Audible membership. But there is something a bit different with Audible Escape, you get to borrow up to 10 romance books at a time, and you can return them whenever you like.


There are a number of titles available in this subscription like Remedial Rocket Science, From Lukov With Love, Something About You, Sex and Lies, and much more. There are thousands of romance books available in Audible Escape, which is really going to allow you to escape from reality. And in this world, that’s definitely a good thing right now.

Audible Escape also has entire series and titles from many different authors. Debbie Macomber is just one of many that are available. Though this is the first time that all 14 of her love stories are available in audio form.

You can sign up for Audible Escape by clicking the link below. Remember that you are getting a month of the service for free, and then it’ll cost you either $6.95 or $12.95 for each month afterwards, depending on if you’re and Audible or Kindle Unlimited subscriber or not. This is a really good service for those that are only interested in love stories for their Audible membership, as it is actually cheaper than the regular Audible membership. And that’s pretty crazy.


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