Android 10 Lands On The OnePlus 6 & 6T, In Beta Form Only


Android 10 with OxygenOS 10 has now landed on the OnePlus 6 and 6T as well. Do note that this is a beta build, though. Android 10 Open Beta 1 has been made available for the OnePlus 6 and 6T.

This is a great sign for OnePlus 6 series users, as that basically means that they'll get a stable build of Android 10 really soon. OnePlus usually releases Open Beta builds once a week before a stable build becomes available. Once it does, the company tends to release such updates every two weeks.

Android 10 stable will land on the OnePlus 6 series in a couple of weeks

It usually takes the company two or three Open Beta build until they release a stable version of an upcoming software. That basically means that the OnePlus 6 series will get a stable build of Android 10 before the end of October. That is, at least, what we're expecting will happen.


OnePlus did also hint that Android 10 is coming to the OnePlus 6 series this month, though we were not sure if the company beta or stable version. Whatever the case may be, the OnePlus 6 series users will get Android 10 stable soon enough.

Having said that, this Open Beta build is quite stable. Do note that you may stumble upon some bugs, which is expected, but the software runs really smooth it seems. Quite a few people already updated, based on the comments.

The changelog for this update is quite long, and not everything is covered in it, of course. Android 10 brings quite a few changes, while OnePlus also threw in some of its own features and optimizations in there.


This update brings some UI design changes, like we've seen on the OnePlus 7 and 7T series smartphones. Location permissions have been enhanced for security, while you now have various customizations options available.

New full screen gestures have been added

New full screen gestures have been added. They are inspired by Google's gestures, but are not identical. OnePlus even allows you to remove that bottom line if you want.

The company has also added the Game Space app which joins all your favorite games in one place. This app should make your gaming easier, basically.


'Smart Display' feature has also been added. This feature will provide you with intelligent info based on specific times, locations, and events for Ambient Display.

Once you install this update, you will also be able to block spam by keywords in the company's Messages application. This will be quite handy if you're getting a lot of SMS spam.

Do note that this update is compatible with unlocked OnePlus 6 and 6T devices only. Also note that once you install this update, which is a painless procedure, you will not lose data. When you revert back to stable, though, you will. So make your decision with that in mind. If you need more information on how to install the update, click here.