AMC Theatres Just Launched The Most Pointless Streaming Service


AMC Theatres has launched what it says is an on-demand streaming service.

The service is now live and offers 2,000 titles for rent or purchase.

The AMC Theatres streaming service is compatible with Android devices, but not Android TV.


AMC Theatres enters the streaming race

The new AMC Theatres on Demand service is now available to streamers in the U.S.

This appears to be a fairly random service as it just provides access to movies consumers can already rent or buy from multiple other places.

To be clear, AMC Theatres on Demand does not provide access to movies that are in the theaters now. It is simply a portal just like Google Play Movies. Or for that matter, iTunes, Prime Video, Vudu, and the many, many, many other services available in 2019.


AMC Theatres even acknowledges there's no release window advantage with its service. With the announcement stating new titles will only be available through AMC Theatres On Demand when "they are available digitally nationwide." If it needed to be any clearer, "following the traditional theatrical window set by each studio for each movie."

AMC Theatres on Demand is more about the points

Reading between the lines and this mainly appears to be a service designed to reward AMC loyalty. For example, you can collect AMC Stubs points on your rentals and purchases and that's the only main selling point.

AMC Stubs is a loyalty program the theater-chain offers to movie-goers. Points can be redeemed against purchases when at the movies.


The loyalty aspect has even been taken a little too far by AMC Theatres. For example, you cannot actually see any movie rental or purchase prices without having an AMC Stubs account, and being signed in.

This is arguably a counter-intuitive approach considering a visibly low price might act as an incentive for some to sign up.

Either way, there's an additional benefit to having this walled approach for AMC, and that's user data. The announcement makes it clear that this is part of a "cross-platform marketing" strategy and how AMC is in the "unique position" to deploy more targeted recommendations (ads).


Presumably, that means whether you're looking for a movie to watch at home, in the cinema, or even a subscription service to sign up with – the AMC umbrella includes a few of those too.

Getting started with AMC Theatres on Demand

The service is now live and those interested in giving it a try can rent or buy movies directly from the new website. Alternatively, AMC Theatres also says the Android app now offers the same functionality.

The AMC Theatres Android app is compatible with most Android phones, but does not currently support Android TV. The app is available to download for free from the Google Play Store.


Besides Android, the company also confirmed the so-called streaming service is accessible via Roku devices and LG smart TVs.