Amazon Prime Members Get Free King Of Fighters Allstar Loot


Netmarble partnered with SNK to launch The King of Fighters Allstar, and now Amazon Prime members can take advantage of that.

A new partnership with Amazon allows members of its Prime service to grab in-game loot for the newly-launched title.

The game, which launched officially this morning, is a beat-em-up with a huge character roster.


The King of Fighters Allstar Prime loot will have seven drops

Like many Twitch Prime loot drops, the loot for KOF Allstar will have multiple rewards for players. This will span out over seven different drops all the way through January 27.

This is the expiration date of the seventh drop. And the time it will need to be redeemed by if you don't want to lose it. As for what the drops actually are, they're all Battle Card Tickets.

These in-game items can be used with the game's gacha mechanic. Once you use one you get a battle card. The battle cards can be anything from unlocking an ability for a playable character to raising some stats.


Each loot drop will give you ten tickets. So if you claim every loot drop you will end up with 70 battle card tickets when the promotion is over. Each 10x stack of battle card tickets is worth $15. So you definitely shouldn't pass up the free loot.

You do not need to link your Twitch Prime account

Contrary to what you might think, you don't need to link your Twitch Prime account. You just need to be an Amazon Prime member. You don't even need to stay a Prime member according to Amazon's rules.

Based on the details on the loot page, users can sign up for the trial. After they claim the loot, they can cancel if they wish before the trial ends. Thus avoiding any payment for a Prime membership.


With that said, remember there are seven total loot drops. The others won't pop up until two weeks after the first one. So if you skip out before the trial period, you'll only get one drop. Two max if you keep it for the full days and cancelĀ on the last day.

While this might not entice non-members to sign up for Prime, it's a big benefit to those that are already members. Especially if you enjoy KOF Allstar. Because you're already paying for Prime for some other reason, so the loot is just icing on the cake.

If you want to claim your free KOF Allstar loot, just head to the Twitch Prime website and click on the KOF Allstar image.