Amazon Just Made Grocery Delivery Free For All Prime Members

amazon prime grocery

Amazon announced on Tuesday that it is making grocery delivery free for all of its Prime members.

That’s something that has been a long time coming. Considering shipping of everything else was free or at a very reduced cost with Prime, but groceries you still had to pay for delivery for.

That is now gone. Making that $119 per year cost of Prime worth your money even more.


As single portal for all grocery orders

Previously, Amazon had two portals for ordering groceries. One was through Amazon itself (Amazon Fresh), with the other being through Whole Foods. Now, that is going to be a single portal.

The new portal is going to have one and two-hour delivery windows and will include grocery delivery from Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market.

Amazon’s vice president of grocery delivery, Stephenie Landry stated that “I think that this is going to be a game changer, and it will grow into one of the most loved benefits of Prime.”


This does sound very likely, seeing as people loved ordering groceries from Amazon already, even though they were being charged extra for delivery. Now that it is included in Prime, this should expand the service even more and make it much more popular. Amazon Prime for grocery should be a very popular service.

Despite ending Amazon Fresh delivery in some areas in 2017, the service has continued to grow and launched in Nashville, Orlando and Las Vegas, this year alone.

You can order groceries through Prime Now, too

Amazon is going to allow you to shop for groceries through Prime Now still. Which is going to be great, as you’ll be able to get groceries a lot sooner.


This could be a very useful feature during the holidays when you’re cooking but you forgot an ingredient or two. Just order it from Amazon and it’ll be there in an hour or two. That’s very convenient for most people.

Amazon is always working to make Prime a better investment for its customers. Even though the price has gone up pretty steadily in the past few years (remember when it was $79 per year?), Amazon has continued to add more features and perks to the membership service.

Which Amazon has to do, when you have competitors like Walmart offering free next day delivery on a lot of items, without a subscription being necessary, Amazon has to show why Prime is a better deal. And this might just do that. Though this could be Amazon preparing to raise prices again, on Prime.