Amazon Just Brought Fast Charging To The Fire HD 10

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Amazon just announced a new Fire HD 10 tablet, which brings a few new notable changes actually.

This includes a USB-C port that now also includes fast charging. Bringing the Fire HD 10 into 2019, finally.

It's still running a forked version of Android, so like the Huawei Mate 30 Pro, don't expect any Google apps – other than YouTube – on the Fire HD 10.


The new Fire HD 10 is now 30% faster

Amazon doesn't typically harp much on the specs of its tablets. And in 2019, there's really no need too. But Amazon does like to say that the new tablet is faster than the old one. In this case, the Fire HD 10 is about 30-percent faster. This is thanks to a new processor inside the tablet, which Amazon isn't naming, but it is most likely a new MediaTek chipset.

The new Fire HD 10 is also about 20-percent better on battery. That is also likely thanks to the more efficient chipset inside the Fire HD 10.

The final improvement in the specs is the micro SD card slot. It is still there, so you can take a deep breath. But it now supports up to 512GB micro SD cards, instead of just up to 200GB. So you can store a lot more content on your Fire HD 10, which is always nice.

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USB-C is definitely the big deal on the Fire HD 10 though. It's the first time that Amazon has used it on its tablets. That should come as no surprise, as Amazon's Fire tablets have always been very cheap, and sticking with micro USB ports keeps the costs low so they can be sold even cheaper.

With the addition of USB-C though, you also get fast and more convenient charging. Amazon isn't saying how fast you can charge the Fire HD 10 now, but it should be a whole lot faster than before.

The Fire HD 10 comes in four colors

Amazon is selling the Fire HD 10 in four colors this time around. There's the standard black, twilight blue, plum and white. Some interesting colors, not quite as bright as Amazon does sometimes with its colors.

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Amazon Fire HD 10 – Colors

There will be two models, the standard Fire HD 10 and then the Fire HD 10 Kids Edition. The Kids Edition of course comes with that bundled thick bumper to keep the tablet protected, as well as a few other things like FreeTime which parents can use to keep their kids on apps that they have approved of them to use.

The only thing Amazon isn't changing with the Fire HD 10 this time is the price, and that's a good thing.

We're looking at $149 for the Fire HD 10 and the Kids Edition is going for $199. Both will start shipping on October 30.


Amazon Fire HD 10 - Amazon - $149

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition - Amazon - $199