A Server-side Update Enables Gapless Music Playback on YouTube Music

YouTube Music AH NS 01

YouTube Music is finally getting gapless music playback on Android. A couple of Redditors recently confirmed the availability of this feature. Apparently, the feature is being rolled out to users via a server-side update. So you may not yet get gapless playback even if you have the latest version of YouTube Music installed.

This is Google‘s latest move to convince users to switch over from other music streaming services. The web giant is also replacing its Play Music service on smartphones with YouTube Music with the launch of Android 10. Going forward, all Android phones will come with YouTube Music installed and set as the default music player.

YouTube Music gets gapless music playback

Regular YouTube Music users would know that the app’s playback has a slight pause when changing tracks. While this “gap” doesn’t really make a difference when listening to individual tracks, it becomes quite annoying when you’re trying to enjoy a continuous LP like the 1973 hit “The Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd. Google is finally getting rid of that annoying hitch.


Redditor JoshYx recently posted that YouTube Music v3.35.51 was able to seamlessly move between the songs “The Mind’s Eye” and “Portals” on Haken’s album “Visions”. Another Redditor by the name “excited_panda” echoed JoshYx and shared a snippet of the feature in action.

The feature, however, has yet to be available for many YouTube Music users despite having a newer version, v3.37.55, of the app installed. And that is because it’s a server-side update. If gapless playback is not available for you yet, it’ll be available once Google flips the switch for your account. Until then, all you can do is, well, wait. Gapless music playback is already available on rival apps, including Spotify.

More changes incoming

Google has already begun with the process of replacing Google Play Music with YouTube Music on Android smartphones. The company also wants to pit the new service up against the likes of Spotify and Apple Music in the music streaming market. YouTube Music has grown significantly in the interim. Still, though, Google needs to make a few more changes to bring it into parity with its rivals.


A recent update had brought in some interface changes, including a redesigned artist profile page. The update also introduced a new “latest release” button which takes you directly to your favorite artists’ most recently released album. Expect Google to make several more such additions to YouTube Music in the coming months.