Your OnePlus TV Will Match Your OnePlus Smartphone Case


OnePlus TV will come with a kevlar back.

That's based on the latest tweet by OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau.

Along with a "no detail is too small" message, Lau released the image shown above showcasing the TV's back. A back covered in kevlar.


A case for your TV?

OnePlus has a bit of a fixation with kevlar. With pretty much every smartphone the company releases, it also releases a kevlar case to go with it. In fact, the company's "Karbon" case appears to be exactly the same casing that's in use in this latest TV image.

If correct, it remains unclear why OnePlus has opted for a design like this. This is an identifiable OnePlus design trait. Therefore, it might simply be the company is keen to use that uniforming trait across product lines.

On the smartphone side, the company markets the benefits of its kevlar cases as "flexible, sturdy, and lightweight." While also promoting the durable benefits that are on offer.


Although these are features that might add some value to a TV, how much remains to be seen. This is especially true if the TV is hidden away in the corner of a room or wall-mounted.

Then again, based on this new image it remains to be seen if OnePlus TV will even be mountable.

No detail is too small…except the remote

Lau's sentiment that "no deal is too small" is interesting considering Lau also recently released an image of the remote. An image which appeared to show the remote was lacking almost entirely in detail.


Instead of opting for a remote that can better assist with the many features and abilities of a TV, OnePlus appears to have opted for a remote boasting a minimalist design, including a minimal number of buttons.

A minimal remote in general.

The OnePlus TV "premium" picture starting to emerge

OnePlus has repeatedly emphasized that its TV will be a premium product. This image is further designed to push forward that idea by suggesting premium materials are in use. Even on the back.


The question here though is whether OnePlus is beginning to focus too much on "premium." Whether the company is opting for premium aspects that some might consider unnecessary.

OnePlus has already confirmed this will be an expensive TV and has even drawn on the likes of Samsung and Sony as comparable in price. Due to this, price is going to be the biggest hurdle OnePlus TV faces in the market.

The problem is many consumers might not feel aspects like a kevlar back are as appealing as a more affordable product. Especially as affordability is what OnePlus made its name trading on.