Woot Has Dropped The BeatsX To Their Lowest Price Ever!

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Woot has the BeatsX wireless headphones down to their lowest price ever, just $69.99. That is a really good deal for a pair of wireless headphones.

These are new headphones too, and not a pair of refurbished ones, which actually make a pretty big difference, in reality.

The BeatsX are a really great pair of headphones to pick up. These are pretty lightweight earbuds that will offer some great sound. These are not truly wireless headphones, so there is still a wire that goes from ear to ear. This also allows for the BeatsX to offer up better battery life. And we’re looking at about 10 hours on a single charge here.


If you’ve listened to a pair of Beats headphones before then you know what to expect in terms of sound quality. This has Beats Audio’s signature sound, which has plenty of bass and a little bit of mids and highs. If you listen to a lot of hip hop music, this isn’t going to be a big deal, seeing as that genre does have a lot of bass in its music anyways.

Those that do own an Apple device, the W1 chip is included here. Making pairing super simple, basically just turn on the BeatsX and you’re good to go.

These may not be the absolute best pair of headphones on the market right now, but these are some pretty good ones that are definitely worth picking up. And now that they are just $69.99, it’s hard to pass these up. Seeing as they are really great for taking to the gym. Especially with the fact that these are indeed water and sweat proof. Allowing you to sweat a ton and not worry about damaging these headphones.


You can pick up the BeatsX wireless headphones from Woot now by clicking here.

BeatsX - Woot - $69