'Wave Keyboard Background' Is An Animated Keyboard For Your Smartphone


If you're looking for a new keyboard, and would like something different, you're in the right place. There are tons of keyboard apps in the Play Store, but not many animated ones. Well, if you're willing to try something like this out, the Wave Keyboard Background is a solid option.

This application has been available for Android for quite some time. The app managed to rake in well over 10 million installs, and over 150,000 ratings thus far. It is currently holding a 4.4-star rating, which is not half bad.

It has been around for quite some time

All in all, the app has been available for a long time, and it's quite refined at this point. The company is constantly pushing out new keyboard themes for this application.


Some of the most popular designs are the fire lion keyboard, flames burning keyboard, cheetah keyboard, true love keyboard, and rain keyboard. All of these themes are animated.

So, for example, you can have the keyboard being in flames while you're typing. Some people may find that distracting, but if you like the flare, and you actually prefer it, this is a great option for you.

It has good auto-correction and plenty of emojis

The Wave Keyboard Background's auto-correction is also quite good. Not many people will find something to complain about in this regard, which is great.


This keyboard also offers over 800 emojis. You can actually change the key font here, as well, and alter typing sounds, if you want.

The company has actually included various font effects that you can choose from. So, you can combine various animated themes with cool fonts in order to create a truly unique keyboard.

The Wave Keyboard Background has multilingual support. In other words, if you're typing using two languages, you can select them and forget about it.


Those of you who like to use your voice to type, voice input is included here. You can dictate words to the keyboard by using your voice, and it will type them up for you.

The company claims that it puts a huge emphasis on privacy. It says that it does not monitor or store typing activity from its users.

This application is free to download and use. Do note that ads are a part of the experience, while in-app purchases are included as well. We've included some official images of this keyboard in the gallery down below, as well as the official video. If you're interested in trying out this app, click on the Google Play button down below.