Vudu Now More Family-Friendly With New Family Play & Kids Mode

Vudu Kids Families 01

Vudu has now launched Family Play and Kids Mode in an attempt to create more of a family-friendly viewing environment.

Two new features that aim to only expose younger viewers to age-appropriate content.

The video streaming service confirmed the new features are now available and across the entire Vudu ecosystem. This includes both Android mobile and Android TV.


Vudu’s Family Play cuts out the bad stuff

Family Play is designed for those times when a family sits down together to watch a movie, but are unsure if a movie is right for all family members.

With Family Play, it won’t matter anymore as Vudu will make it appropriate. Family Play will basically offer the option to play an edited version of a movie. One that cuts out all the “objectionable content.” Examples include the removal of scenes with “substance abuse, language, violence, sex, and nudity.”

In addition, this is not an all or nothing feature. Instead, account holders can select what content is shown through the use of filters. Parents can also switch Family Plan on or off in real time during a movie.


At present, Family Play is limited to a select number of titles (Vudu says “over 500”) but the service plans to expand the number over time. Once preferences have been decided, a ‘watch with Family Play’ option will be available on supported titles.

A Kids version of Vudu

Vudu describes the new Kids Mode as a place that provides “a safe watching experience.” Once enabled, Kids Mode returns a Vudu version that’s solely designed for younger viewers. What’s more, this is a customized Kids Mode where parents can set the exact age of the viewer.

Considering Vudu is not just for watching content, but also renting and buying, the new Kids Mode will apply to those sections as well.


Kids Mode draws on data provided by Common Sense Media. As an extension of the data partnership, Vudu also confirmed titles will now come with additional parent-focused information.

For example, titles will come with a “parental review” section that includes information such as the level of violence. As well as a minimum age recommendation.

Closing out the new family features, Vudu also released its first original series today. Mr. Mom is a family-friendly reboot of the 1983 John Hughes comedy movie. Starring Hayes MacArthur who takes over the Mr. Mom role from Michael Keaton. Mr. Mom is not only suitable for the whole family, but is also free to watch.