Vivaldi Browser Comes To Android With Private Tabs, Dark Mode & More

AH Vivaldi Browser image 1

In case you’re still on the lookout for a great Android browser, one more option just appeared. Vivaldi Browser is now available for Android, though only in beta form for now.

Despite the fact it’s in beta, this app is really stable, and available to download from the Google Play Store. Vivaldi Browser is actually quite popular on desktops, and its Android counterpart seems to be quite capable as well.

Dark mode is included

For those of you who are not fans of light themes, it’s worth noting that Vivaldi Browser does support dark mode. You can actually tell it to adapt to the system setting, or manually choose, it’s up to you.


This browser comes with end-to-end encryption, and can sync your passwords, bookmarks, notes, open tabs, and more.

The “Notes” option actually comes built into this browser. You can quickly jot down whatever you need within the browser itself, and it will be stored there.

This browser also gives you a chance to capture full page screenshots. Just in case you don’t want the top or bottom bars to get in the way, this is an option. If you want your regular screenshot to be captured, there’s an option for that as well.

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The “Speed Dial” option is also included in the browser. Every time you open up a new tab your favorite websites will be visible for quick access. You can customize these options of course, and even group them into folders if you’d like.

Vivaldi Browser is also great for switching between tabs. Using swipes, you can switch between your currently opened tabs, private tabs, tabs you’ve recently closed, and tabs you have opened on another device.

Full-fledged bookmarks manager, reader mode, and more

A full-fledged bookmarks manager is included in this browser as well, while the same can be said for Reader Mode. You can close tabs easily, while a download manager is available at your fingertips as well.


You can choose your default search engine in the Vivaldi Browser, as there are several popular options available.

The default layout of the browser is quite functional as well. The top bar is occupied by the search bar, and the options button. The bottom bar, on the other hand, has many more functions.

The first option down there allows you to access your bookmarks, history, notes, and downloads. Back and forward buttons are included as well, and the same goes for the search button. This is quite convenient as you don’t have to stretch your finger all the way up. The last button in the bottom bar allows you to access your tabs.


This browser is currently available in the Play Store, via the link down below. The browser is free to download and use, while the stable version will probably become available soon.