Trapinch Is The Focus For Pokémon GO Community Day In October


The latest Pokémon GO Community Day is coming up quick. In fact it's set for October 12.

That's still a good few weeks away, but time goes by fast. A few weeks should be more than enough though for players to get prepared for what's included.

Pokémon GO Community Day for October focuses on Trapinch

As with every previous Community Day, this month will focus on a specific Pokémon that will see more attention. This month it will be Trapinch, so if you don't have it yet then this Community Day is one you'll want to participate in.


The big deal with specialized events is that it increases the chances of finding more of the Pokémon that Niantic is highlighting. In addition to that, there are increased chances of finding that highlighted Pokémon in a shiny form.

These are more powerful versions of the original, which definitely makes them a commodity in a way. Once the event is over though, you can still find the shiny versions, just not as frequently.

The event lasts for three hours as per usual

Since this event will focus on Trapinch, that means you'll likely stumble upon a Shiny Trapinch if you play during the specified times.


Speaking of specified times, the event will last for a three-hour block and then it's over. So, you won't have long to play and reap the rewards. The event will start at 11AM PST, and will end three hours later at 2PM.

During this time you can find more Shiny Trapinch Pokémon and you'll also get other bonuses.

Three times the catch XP and three-hour lures

three-hour lures and three times the catch XP are back for this event, though that's probably not a shock. Players that participate in the Community Day on a monthly basis have surely seen these bonuses before, as they appear every month.


Players will also have the chance for their newly acquired Trapinch or Shiny Trapinch to learn a special move. This will be a move that is currently not available in the game.

That being said it's not clear what the move is yet. No announcements have been made about it specifically other than the brief mention of its availability. Likely, it'll stay that way until the event begins and players are able to acquire it. With that in mind, the only way to learn the exclusive move is to catch a Trapinch or Shiny Trapinch, or evolve it during the event hours.