Top 10 Best Android Antivirus Apps – 2019


There is still plenty of discussion out there regarding Android antivirus apps. Some people are still claiming that third-party antivirus apps are not necessary on Android, due to Google's very own security patches.

Well, we won't get into it here, but having an extra layer of security is always a good choice, right? Well, luckily for us, there are a ton of really good Android antivirus apps out in the market. Various well-known companies have released antivirus apps for Android, and we're here to check out the very best ones.

We've hand-picked our favorite Android antivirus apps, and they're listed down below. These apps are not listed in any specific order, by the way. Most of these apps are not only meant to be used as antivirus applications, as they have some extra functionality as well. If you're looking for a new antivirus app, read on.



Avast Antivirus app image September 2019

Avast Software is probably a company you've heard of. Its Avast antivirus has been quite popular on PCs, and it's a really solid solution on Android as well. This app serves as an antivirus, but also as an app lock, anti-theft, and photo vault application. These are not all of its functions, not even close. This app also serves as a RAM booster, and junk cleaner as well, so it's quite versatile. Both free and paid versions are available. Paid version will bring you a ton of additional features, by the way.


Clean Master

Clean Master app image September 2019

Clean Master is yet another multifunctional application. This app also serves as an antivirus, but it can also clean junk off of your device, and free some storage. You can clear cache using this app as well, while the app can also detect fake WiFi and unauthorized connections. Clean Master serves as a RAM booster as well, while it can also help you save some battery life. There are some additional features available as well.



Bitdefender app image September 2019

Bitdefender is one of the best-looking antivirus apps for Android, in terms of UI design. This is also quite a powerful antivirus app, which is more important, of course. The company claims that the app will not have a considerable impact on your battery life at all. This app is well-equipped to catch various malware that may end up on your phone, though do note that the service is not free. A 14-day trial is available, but after that, you'll need to pay up.



Avira app image September 2019

Avira is yet another option that has been highly-popular on PCs. This app serves both as an Android virus scanner and cleaner. It can block viruses, spyware, malware, and so on. Identity protection is also included here, while the app can locate your phone if need be. Camera and microphone protection is included here, in order to prevent others from spying on you. The app is free to use, but premium features are available for paid users.



AVG app image September 2019

AVG is an antivirus apps that scans apps, games, settings, and files in real-time. This app can also kill tasks on your phone that may be slowing it down. The app has a "Power Save" feature which can extend your phone's battery life. This app also serves as a cleaner for junk files, while it allows you to lock down sensitive applications if need be. VPN feature is built into the app, and AVG can also scan WiFi networks for threats.



ESET app image September 2019

ESET is one of the best-rated mobile security applications in the Google Play Store. This is a paid app, but a free 30-day trial is available. This is an antivirus app, but it also comes with a number of other features. You can lock down apps using ESET, while you can get the app to scan your whole phone whenever you want. You can even schedule it to do so when you plug the device in, or set a schedule by using any day and time.



Kaspersky app image September 2019

Kaspersky is the best-rated app on this list. Kaspersky's antivirus software is immensely popular on PCs, and the same goes for Android, it seems. This app provides antivirus protection for your smartphone, while it can scan everything in the background, in real-time. Kaspersky can locate your phone if you lose it, while anti-theft protection can also be enabled. You can lock down apps using Kaspersky, while anti-phishing protection is also included. The app is free, but you'll need a premium version in order to access some of its features.


McAfee app image September 2019

McAfee is also a very versatile antivirus app for Android. Anti theft feature is included here as well, and the same can be said about anti-spyware as well. This app serves as a phone cleaner, and phone finder as well. VPN is available via the application, while you can use McAfee as a battery booster as well. RAM boost option is available in the app as well, while a ton of premium features can be accessed as well, but they're not free.


Norton app image September 2019

Norton also features a rather high rating in the Play Store. Aside from being a really good antivirus solution, this app will scan unknown WiFi networks before it connects your device. You can track down your device with this app, if you lose it. Safe Search feature is included as well, as the app can flat unsafe websites for you. This app is free, but a paid version is available as well, with many more features. You can use those features for 30 days, after which you'll be required to pay up in order to continue.