Get Ready For TiVo's Android TV Stick, It's Coming Soon

Tivo Android TV

TiVo is currently readying a new Android TV stick.

The dongle is set to arrive next year and will likely be priced around $50.

In addition, the company is launching a new TiVo+ service later this year.

Another device coming

The information comes from the company’s CEO, Dave Shull, who provided the confirmation to CNN.


The finer details on what the TiVo stick will offer were not provided. Instead, Shull simply confirmed the existence of the product, that it will launch next year, and likely priced around $50.

The price itself is designed to be the big selling point and especially for TiVo customers considering the company’s hardware usually costs a lot more.

Speaking of which, TiVo customers appears to be who this product is specifically aimed at. This is not the Android TV most consumers will be familiar with. Instead, it is a customized version designed to promote the company’s ecosystem.

An approach that’s become increasingly common within the operator side of Android TV.


Along with the dongle, TiVo is also launching a free TiVo+ service in October to existing U.S. customers. Few details were provided on TiVo+ except that it’s a content recommendation system.

It would seem the stick is largely designed to do the same thing and that’s the bottom line here. The stick will appeal to customers looking for new hardware while TiVo+ will be rolled out to customers using existing hardware.

The infamous Android TV stick

An Android TV stick is exactly the type of product that could potentially help Android TV break the next adoption barrier. At the very least, it would put the platform’s entry-price and device selection on equal footing with Fire TV and Roku OS.

However, an Android TV stick remains an elusive entity. At least when it comes to the consumer side of Android TV. Again, the operator side appears to be slowly embracing a dongle way of life as while this TiVo stick won’t arrive until next year, Dish Network’s AirTV already has one available.


In fact, Google also has one but it’s only available to developers. So yes, if you are a developer, or willing to use a customized version of Android TV designed to work with paid-for services, then you can have a stick. For everyone else, the search for an Android TV stick goes on.

That is, unless NVIDIA happens to have a SHIELD TV stick up its sleeve.