The Old Arlo App is Dead, Long Live the New Arlo App

Arlo Legacy App

The Old Arlo app is finally shedding its old Netgear skin and moving over to a new Arlo app. Owners of Arlo cameras will need to act fast and download that new app, as the old Arlo app (now called Arlo Legacy) will be expiring after September 30, 2019. Arlo should have sent owners a notification and an email about the change but, just in case you missed it, here’s your big warning.

So what’s new and exciting for this big app change? Almost nothing. At least for now, that is. There will be a bit of pain for users who have advanced features enabled in the existing Arlo Legacy app, though, so let’s cover those before we progress into the “why this happened” section.

So here’s the deal. Go ahead and download that new Arlo app here. Once you’ve signed into your account, you’ll have to reconfigure the following things:

  1. Arlo Smart subscribers will need to re-enter their “Call a Friend” information again. Don’t forget to do this, it’s kind of important.
  2. Folks who have set up geofencing will need to reconfigure their mobile devices to be used as the trigger within the new app. Only one trigger can be used at once, so this will deactivate the trigger that’s currently set in the old Arlo Legacy app

Thankfully this process is somewhat seamless, as the rest of your system and everything else configured should stay the same. This new app will be the one getting all the new bug fixes, security updates, and new features in the near future. It’s also going to be providing two-factor authentication, which will further safeguard your system against hackers and phishers that might have your account info.

Why It’s Happening

So here’s the deal: Up until sometime last year, Arlo was just a brand name that Netgear produced products under. Arlo gained a lot more wide-spread mindshare than some other Netgear products and, as the nature of things goes, the Arlo brand name became something much bigger than when it began. As a result, Arlo was spun off into its own company last year and since then has been working on freeing itself from all the previous Netgear ties.

Since “NEATGEAR, Inc” was the original developer account used to publish the Arlo app, Arlo had to make its own developer profile on the Google Play Store in order to use its own name. Oddly enough, Google has no way of transferring apps from one developer to another, hence the need to deploy a completely new app with the same functionality.


This is certainly a pain for consumers who just want to use their products as expected, but it’s at least not the worst thing in the world to deal with. For now, just know that you’ll need to be using Arlo’s apps from now on and not the Arlo apps developed by Netgear. Since the old apps will automatically disappear after the end of this month, though, it shouldn’t take much to notice the change, even for those that might have missed the memo.