The New Hearthstone Adventure Launches Soon, But You Can Buy It Now


The upcoming and latest Hearthstone adventure Tombs of Terror launches soon but you can already buy it.

You can already buy it, that is, if you prefer to have everything paid for right from the start.

The first chapter of the adventure is free

Yes, the first chapter of the adventure is free, but only the first chapter. If you want access to all of the new solo content then you may want to pre-purchase it, which you can do starting today.


The cost to pre-purchase the new content is $20, though you can also purchase each chapter individually for $7. This will end up costing you more in the long run, so if you're planning on grabbing them all you're better off with the bundle price.

Also worth noting is that the $20 price is for the deluxe pre-purchase bundle. This particular bundle comes with extras like a card back and a random Saviors of Uldum Legendary.

If you're looking to pay just a little bit less, you can pre-purchase the standard bundle for $15. You can also buy each individual chapter for 700 gold a piece.


Since you can earn gold, this is the least expensive option. But, you will need to play a lot of Hearthstone to acquire this much gold or have it already saved up.

All chapters will be available by October 1

While the first chapter launches on September 17, so does the second chapter. And, since you can purchase it alone or as part of the bundle, you can have access the moment the adventure itself goes live. After you beat the first chapter of course.

In regards to the additional chapters, these will be unlocking following the initial launch. Chapter 3 goes live on September 23, while the fourth chapter and the finale will launch on October 1.


By next month, you will have all chapters open if you have bought them.

If you value a continuous experience, you may also just want to wait and play the new content once October 1 hits. This will allow you to play through each chapter in succession without having to wait a couple weeks for everything else to unlock.

The new solo Hearthstone adventure, Tombs of Terror, is part of the Saviors of Uldum expansion. It's also one small portion of Hearthstone's year-long story content.


While you can play this without having played any of the previous content in this story, going through the other content first or at least at some point will help to probably tie everything together and make things more fun.