Tecent Details Newest PUBG MOBILE Season, 'Warrior's Journey'

PUBG MOBILE Warriors Journey

PUBG MOBILE is still one of the most popular games on Android and iOS devices and it just received a fresh update.

Whether you’re a new player or a hardened veteran resting up after the 8th Season, the new Royale Pass has something for you.

The same PUBG MOBILE you know & love, now with more missions

You probably could have guessed, but PUBG MOBILE has even more missions for players with the new season.


Royale Pass season 9 offers missions that are based on iconic warriors from regions around the globe. With that, expect new costumes to go along with the theme as well as other in-game items.

In fact, new in-game loot that follows the ‘Warrior’s Journey’ theme is included with this updated content. So you’ll want to be sure and grab what you can.

Get reminders for new weekly mission crates & dismantle those emotes

New missions also means new weekly mission crates to acquire. To help make sure you don’t miss any of them, Royale Pass season 9 comes with reminders to pick them up.


Even if you’re logging into the game every day, it’s easy to miss this stuff as there’s so many other things on the screen to grab your attention.

In addition to the new reminders, it’s also now possible to dismantle emotes. Don’t need em’ anymore? Break them down as there’s no point in keeping duplicates of stuff.

A few visual updates give this season some pop

As with every new season theme, Warrior’s Journey brings along with it newly redesigned menus and missions.


Rankings pages have been redesigned as well, so every time you login to the game you’ll be greeted with the new look.

You’ll also see a new achievement chain progress system so you can more easily keep track of where you stand. This new feature in particular is sure to be useful for completionists and achievement hunters.

If all of the new content wasn’t enough to get players excited, Tencent has added one more thing which might make logging in at least once a worthwhile activity.


According to the company and as part of the Global Treasure Hunt Challenge with a $1 Million USD prize pool, players who log in have a chance to win a trip to the PMCO 2019 Fall Splits Global Finals. If you enjoy watching Esports events, and of PUBG in particular, don’t miss out on this opportunity as all you have to do is play the game.

PUBG MOBILE’s new season content should already be live for new and existing players.