Google Really Wants You To Switch To Pixel


Google knows that the world has seen everything there is to see about the Pixel 4, so it's not wasting anytime with the Switch to Pixel campaign. It's getting started already, and the Pixel 4 hasn't even been announced yet.

Google launched this campaign last year after the Pixel 3 was announced, however it was targeting iPhone users pretty heavily. Which makes sense, after all, Google had been working to make the Pixel "Android's iPhone".

This year, however, it doing a bit more generic ads to get people to switch to Pixel. Perhaps looking to anyone using any other phone, to switch to the Pixel 4.


The Switch to Pixel Campaign Ads are short, sweet and simple

Google, despite being an ad company, hasn't always been great about marketing its products. But that's not true when it comes to the Switch to Pixel campaign.

The search giant has put together some really good ads that highlight why you might want to switch to Pixel. Google has talked to real people, instead of just telling you random reasons why it thinks you might want to switch to Pixel.

There is a caption throughout the videos that notes "real person, paid for their opinion". So yes, Google did pay these people, but they were paid for their opinions, not paid to say something specifically.


Though, one of the more interesting videos in this group is where Google has a user talking about the fingerprint sensor on the back. That fingerprint sensor is gone on the Pixel 4. So it seems kind of odd that it would be promoting that when it's going to disappear in a month with the Pixel 4.

These ads do highlight different features of the Pixel series. That includes the Google Assistant, the award-winning camera, battery life and much more.

The Pixel 4 marketing machine is in full swing

This year, with the Pixel 4, it's clear that Google is changing how it markets and announces the device.


Earlier this summer, after a number of leaks had appeared, Google decided to just show off the Pixel 4 itself. And posted a picture of the backside on Twitter. It was a bit shocking, as most companies will just ignore the leaks and rumors until the device is announced. In fact, companies will normally give you the same line of "we don't comment on rumors and speculation" when you ask them about that.

And now, Google is posting up different ads for the Pixel 4 already, even before the device is announced. There was also that ad for the October 15 event in Times Square a few weeks ago, that confirmed the orange (or Coral) color Pixel 4.

Either way, the Pixel 4 will be announced in its full glory in just a couple of weeks – October 15.