Sonos' First Portable Bluetooth Speaker Is Now Available For Purchase


The Sonos Move is finally available for purchase today, and it carries a price of $399.

This is Sonos' first portable and Bluetooth speaker. Previously all of its speakers did not sport Bluetooth – it used WiFi instead – and were not portable. So this marks a pretty large departure for Sonos.

Sonos Move is "portable" but it is not small, nor lightweight

In order for Sonos to keep its iconic sound signature and multi-room audio, without giving the Move some terrible battery life, it had to make it a pretty large speaker. Which also means that it is not lightweight either.


That's not a big deal though.

How often are you going to move this speaker anyways?

Sonos Move 1
Sonos Move – Outside

Sonos does give you about 10 hours of playback on the Move, which is less than a lot of other speakers on the market that are also portable. But they do also fall short to Sonos, when it comes to sound quality. So there are some trade-offs there.


Sonos does also have a charging base for the Move, so you can set it on its base and have it charge automatically, which is a good feature. Additionally, there is a USB-C port on the back for charging, if you don't have the base with you and it needs a quick charge.

The larger size of the Sonos Move is because of the two Class-D amplifiers that are inside. There's also a single tweeter and a mid-woofer driver inside. Comparing this to the Sonos One is appropriate, but this is going to offer louder sounds and better sounds than the Sonos One. It's also twice the price.

It's one of Sonos' more expensive speakers

The Sonos Move has a price of $399, which is not cheap. It actually puts it in-line with its newest soundbar, the Sonos Beam. The Sonos One is $199, while the PLAY:1 is $179.


But, making this a portable speaker meant that there is more inside this speaker than a Sonos One, not to mention it does offer better sound quality too. Which means that it's going to cost more.

It's $399 and it can slot right into your Sonos multi-room system that you already have, which is really nice. Being able to move this anywhere, and still have it sync up with the rest of your Sonos speakers in your home.

You can pick up the Sonos Move from or Amazon right now, using the links below.

Sonos Move - Amazon - $399 Sonos Move - - $399