Samsung's Brilliant Galaxy Tab S6 Is Now Available

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 AH 22

After announcing the Galaxy Tab S6 last month, Samsung has now given us availability information on the new tablet. And it’s available starting today.

The Galaxy Tab S6 will cost you $649, and is available online and in stores starting today.

Those that purchase the Tab S6 before September 22 can get the Book Cover Keyboard for half off, which is just $89.95.


The only tablet worth buying in 2019

When it comes to Android tablets, there aren’t many options. There’s really just Samsung and Huawei making tablets still. And for the most part, Huawei’s are mid-range tablets. While Samsung throws everything they have into their tablets.

The Galaxy Tab S6 has an incredible Super AMOLED display, which is going to be great for consuming content whether you’re on the go, or at home on the couch. That display comes in at about 10.5-inches diagonally. Which is pretty big for a tablet, luckily the bezels are pretty small.

Samsung isn’t just leaving the media consumption at just the display. Audio is another area that really matters. The Galaxy Tab S6 has four speakers, which are tuned by AKG. So no matter how you are holding the tablet, you’ll get some great audio quality while watching movies and such.


The Tab S6 isn’t just about watching videos though. It’s also a productivity powerhouse.

Get work done, when you’re on the go with Galaxy Tab S6

With the new, redesigned S Pen on the Tab S6, there is a ton of things that you can do with this tablet. From taking notes to drawing and everything in between. Add in DeX, and you’ll be able to plug this into a monitor and use a mouse and keyboard to get some real work done.

The Book Cover Keyboard is also a really nice accessory to get some work done on the Tab S6 while you’re on the go.


The Tab S6 is a really great tablet for taking on the road with you, since it is pretty lightweight. It also has a ton of storage with 128GB and 256GB options. There is also still a micro SD card slot available for adding more storage, should you need it – something the Galaxy Note 10 does not have.

You can pick up the Galaxy Tab S6 today from Samsung.com by clicking here or using the button down below.

Remember that if you order between now and September 22, you can save 50-percent on the Book Cover Keyboard accessory, which is a really good accessory if you plan to do a lot of emails, writing a lot of documents and such on this one.


Galaxy Tab S6 - Samsung.com - $649