Samsung Galaxy S & Galaxy Note Lines Could Merge In 2020: Tipster

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It seems like Samsung is considering merging its two flagship lineups. Evan Blass shared this information, while adding that he picked up this info “from a solid source”. Mr. Blass says that Samsung is debating the future of its Galaxy branding. As part of those debates, Samsung is considering “eliminating the distinction between the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lineups”.

The source claims that this could manifest in different ways, but he listed one. He says that it’s possible that the two lineups may merge into a single brand called the “Galaxy One”.

Galaxy S & Note lineups may be over, Galaxy One could take over

To make things even more interesting, this change could happen next year. It could happen even before the Galaxy S11 arrives, so the new branding could be up and running with the Galaxy S11.


Mr. Blass did expand on this, a bit. He says that Samsung is considering this because the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note features overlap so closely. One of the options may be fusing them together into a single “first-half handset”. So, we’d essentially get the Galaxy S with an S Pen stylus.

To make things even more interesting, Samsung would not leave the Galaxy Note slot open. We’re talking in terms of second-half flagship announcement. If things go according to plan with the Galaxy Fold series, a foldable smartphone may take the Galaxy Note’s place as the company’s second flagship of the year.

This is a lot to take in. If there’s any truth here, we may see a major shift in Samsung’s flagship lineups. The Galaxy S10 may be the last Galaxy S smartphone we’ve seen, the same goes for the Galaxy Note 10.


It is quite possible that Samsung will wait in order to see how the Galaxy Fold will perform. Though regardless, the company will probably introduce a second-gen Galaxy Fold handset next year.

Galaxy Fold may take over from the Galaxy Note to become H2 flagship

If this rumor ends up being true, that flagship may arrive in August or September. Presuming that the Galaxy Fold series will take over from the Galaxy Note directly. Samsung may alter the release date for the Galaxy Fold lineup, who knows, we’ll have to wait and see.

Whatever the case may be, the Galaxy S11 is expected to be a major shift for Samsung. Even if Samsung opts not to merge the two brands, the Galaxy S11 is expected to offer major change in terms of the design and some of its functionality.


The company is expected to up its game in the camera department. The Galaxy Note 10 includes the same camera setup as the Galaxy S10, and based on rumors and reports, the Galaxy S11 will offer something game-changing in that regard.

The Galaxy Fold, on the other hand, just got re-introduced. The company had to fix the Galaxy Fold after some display-related hardware issues surfaced, before it starts selling the phone.

New and improved Galaxy Fold got announced quite recently, and it will be interesting to see how it does in the market.