Samsung Galaxy Fold Release Date Revealed By Evan Blass

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The Samsung Galaxy Fold release date has just surfaced. Evan Blass, a well-known tipster, released this information. As per his tweet, the Galaxy Fold will arrive on September 27.

That is pretty much all the info that Mr. Blass shared. We’re guessing this is the Galaxy Fold release date for the US, as the watch is expected to hit Korea a bit sooner than that.

Do note than this will be a re-launch of the Galaxy Fold, pretty much. The device was supposed to arrive months ago, but due to some issues, Samsung had to postpone its launch.


Early review units proved to be flawed. Those units had display-related issues, due to which displays quickly started shutting down. Samsung decided to postpone the launch, and withdraw all Galaxy Fold units in order to amend this hardware-related issue.

The company recently confirmed that the Galaxy Fold is now ready to go, and we’ve been waiting for the company to announce an official release date. Samsung still hasn’t done that, but Mr. Blass just did.

It is worth noting that pre-registrations for the Galaxy Fold kicked off in the US and UK quite recently. The phone also became available for pre-registrations in China about a week ago.

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The Galaxy Fold is Samsung’s very first foldable smartphone. This handset will have some competition in the market this year, as Huawei is planning to release the Mate X in the near future.

The Huawei Mate X release was also postponed, as Huawei wanted to avoid issues like the ones Samsung experienced.

These are not the only two foldable smartphones we’re expecting to launch in 2019, though. Xiaomi and Motorola have been working on their foldable devices for a while now.


Xiaomi already showed off its foldable smartphone prototype, and is expected to announce the device in the near future. That may even happen before the end of this year.

The same goes for Motorola. The company announced that it’s reviving its Razr brand in form of a foldable smartphone. A recent report claimed that the Motorola Razr will either arrive in December this year, or in January next year. Your guess is as good as ours.

Each of those foldable smartphones will have something unique to offer. All four devices have their very own unique design, it will all depend on what you prefer. Motorola’s Razr phone is the only one rumored to include a mid-range processor, though.


There you have it, It seems like Samsung’s foldable smartphone will be the first to hit the market, if Evan Blass’ Galaxy Fold release date information is accurate.