The Galaxy Fold Is Now On Sale, If You Can Find A Store With One


The Samsung Galaxy Fold is now available for the general public to buy. That is if you have $1,980 plus tax to purchase the device.

However, it's not as easy as simply going to Samsung's website and putting your order in and waiting for it to ship.

Instead, you'll need to find a store nearby that has the Galaxy Fold available. It'll be available in select Best Buy, AT&T and Samsung Experience stores. Luckily, Samsung does have a locator on its website showing you where the closest store is, with a Galaxy Fold.


It's been a long road, but the Galaxy Fold is finally the first foldable smartphone you can buy

You don't need us to tell you this, but the Galaxy Fold has had a long road to store shelves. And now it's finally available. It's the first foldable smartphone to launch in the US. And it's unlikely that there will be any others coming to the US anytime soon.

Foldable smartphones are still very early tech. And as we saw with the Galaxy Fold, there's still plenty of issues that need to be fixed.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was originally supposed to be available to buy in late April, but that got delayed when a number of review units that Samsung had seeded ahead of time, started breaking.


There were a few issues that Samsung found with these units. One was the fact that everyone was taking off the screen protector – that's because it looked like you could and it was easy to do so. The other issue was debris coming in underneath the display, which didn't break the display right away, but it would in the future.

After a few months of changing up the Galaxy Fold, strengthening the hinge, and tightening the screen protector (making it impossible to remove), the Galaxy Fold is finally on sale. And it's not cheap. Coming in at $1,980 plus tax.

Galaxy Fold owners get special customer service

When you're spending over two grand on a smartphone, you expect to get a few things you wouldn't normally get. And that includes a different type of customer service that's called "Galaxy Fold Premier Service".


Galaxy Fold Premier Service is essentially a service dedicated to Galaxy Fold owners, and the representatives will be able to walk you through the Galaxy Fold, its accessories and help you with anything you may need help with.

This is part of the reason why the Galaxy Fold is only available in store. As representatives are walking you through the device, to make sure you know that it is not waterproof, you can not remove the screen protector, among a few other things.

If you are still interested in buying the Galaxy Fold, you can do so by clicking here and finding a store near you.