The Unlocked Galaxy A Series Launches On September 20 In The US

Samsung Galaxy A50 front 960x640

Samsung has just announced pricing and availability for three new Galaxy A Series smartphones, for the US.

These have all been available on carriers already, what Samsung is announcing today is the pricing and availability for the unlocked models.

Three mid-range smartphones at low-end prices

The Galaxy A10e is going to be available for $179, with the Galaxy A20 at $249 and Galaxy A50 at $349. These are very competitive prices for what these devices offer. Making them really good options for those looking for a new smartphone that won’t cost a fortune.


Samsung says that the three devices will be available unlocked from Samsung.com as well as select retail partners.

Pre-orders for the Galaxy A50 start today from Best Buy and Amazon. Samsung also notes that Best Buy customers can get a savings of up to $150 with activation, while Amazon customers get a free Galaxy Fit.

Galaxy A50 pre-orders will start on Samsung.com soon after, and will offer up to $300 off via trade-in. Depending on the phone you trade-in, that could get you nearly a free phone. Seeing as the Galaxy A50 is only $349 to begin with. That could be a $50 phone, if you trade-in the right phone – most likely a Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S9.


No word on when exactly the Galaxy A10e and Galaxy A20 pre-orders will start, or when they will actually be available just yet.

Samsung continues to bring competition to the mid-range

Samsung has seen success in the high-end and premium smartphone tiers. But it now realizes that if it really wants to continue growing its market share, then it’s going to need to target the mid-range and low-end market.

That’s where the Galaxy A Series comes in. As you can see, Samsung is hitting price points from $179 to $349 with these three smartphones. All three are offering up distinctly different experiences.


The Galaxy A50 actually offers a lot of what the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 offer, but at a much cheaper price tag. The specs are a bit lower, as you might expect, but most of the features are the same here.

For those that are looking for a smartphone that won’t cost an arm and a leg, but also won’t be a pain to use, the Galaxy A Series is a really good option.

Getting an unlocked model means that you won’t need to worry about what carrier you’re on, or might switch too, as it will work with all four US carriers.


Samsung Galaxy A50 - Amazon - $349

Samsung Galaxy A50 - Best Buy - $249