The Roborock S5 Just Hit Its Lowest Price Of 2019

AH Roborock S5 robot vacuum deal 1

The Roborock S5 is currently on sale for just $399. That is good for its lowest price of 2019, and not far from its lowest price all-time. Which we last saw on Black Friday last year.

It is already listed at $499, which is $100 off its regular price. Now if you use the promo code ROCK4HOME at checkout, you’ll get another $100 off, dropping it down to just $399.

That is an absolute steal for what you’re getting here.


The S5 is a really great robot vacuum to pick up. It’s been named the best robot vacuum many times, and it’s still one of the best out there.

It uses lasers on the top of the robot vacuum that will navigate around your home and map it out. This way it has a plan of where to clean and where it still needs to clean. It also makes it easier to do spot cleaning. You can also put up virtual barriers. So if you don’t want it going into a specific room, you can put a barrier up in the Mi Home app.

With the Mi Home app, you’re going to be able to track where the vacuum has cleaned, as well as adjust settings for it. You can also see how much it has cleaned and how long it has cleaned. This information is available for earlier cleaning cycles too.


It’s also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Meaning that you can use your voice to control the vacuum. Which is definitely a cool feature, to be honest.

Finally, the Roborock S5 has 2000Pa suction, which means that it is not going to leave anything behind when cleaning. That’s definitely important, as the last thing you want your vacuum to do is leave behind some pet hair.

You can pick up the Roborock S5 from Amazon here, make sure to use the promo code ROCK4HOME at checkout. This Roborock S5 sale won’t last long, so don’t hesitate.


Roborock S5 - Amazon - $399