The Best Sub-$300 Robot Vacuum Just Got Even Cheaper


Amazon has discounted the already pretty affordable Roborock E25 robot vacuum, and now has it down to just $279.

It's regularly priced at $299, but if you clip the on-page coupon, you can get another $20 off (which will be reflected at checkout), bringing it down to $279.

This robot vacuum from Roborock is already a pretty incredible vacuum for its price and now down another $20 makes it even better.


The E25 is Roborock's mid-range robot vacuum. Instead of using lasers to navigate your home like the more-expensive S5 and S6 robot vacuums. The E25 uses a dual-gyro system and motion sensors, to get around your home. It does still map out your home and records the data in the Mi Home app. This allows you to tell the vacuum specifically where you want it to clean.

It has plenty of suction, to get all of that dirt and dust up and out of your carpet too. With 1800Pa, you won't need to worry about it leaving anything behind.

With the Mi Home app, the E25 is going to allow you to control the vacuum through the app. Which includes it telling you when to clean the sensor and empty the dustbin. Not to mention changing the filter. But it also allows you to adjust the suction level. Whether you want it quieter, or at max suction to get all of that tough to get up dirt out of your carpet. It can also auto-adjust from carpet to hardwood/tile flooring.


The app is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. So you are able to use your voice to control  the vacuum and tell it where and when you want it to clean up, which is a really nice feature to have.

You can pick up the Roborock E25 robot vacuum from Amazon by clicking here.

Roborock E25 - Amazon - $279