Qualcomm's New mmWave Antenna Module Might Be The 5G Fix For Your Home

Qualcomm Home 5G QTM527 module

Qualcomm has a new solution to improve 5G in the home.

In short, Qualcomm today unveiled the new QTM527 mmWave antenna module. This module is designed for use in other devices to provide 5G fixed wireless access in the home.

All of this is without the need for massive investment in infrastructure. Meaning it can be used by mobile operators to deliver 5G access, even in remote locations.


Next-level hotspots for the home

The QTM527 mmWave antenna module is designed for use in CPEs (customer-premises equipment).

CPEs come in many forms and are commonly used by consumers each day. For example, a TV streaming device is a type of CPE. As is a wireless Wi-Fi router.

What Qualcomm is now offering OEMs is the option to add this module to a CPE of their choice and design. In return, that CPE will then be able to deliver 5G connections and the benefits associated with the technology. Such as multi-gigabit speeds and ultra-low latency.


What’s more, as this is a extended-range solution, it could be just as useful in rural locations, as in dense urban locations.

A simple fix to the U.S. 5G problem?

One of the issues with U.S. 5G deployment is the infrastructure needed to supply everyone, everywhere, with comparable network access.

Getting a nationwide infrastructure up and running not only takes time, but also huge financial investments.


Qualcomm is suggesting those responsible for 5G deployment can view this module as an alternative solution to the traditional internet delivery methods, such as fiber and cable.

As these CPEs are cost-effective to make and easy enough to deploy, they could be employed quickly and at scale.

In a similar way that a home internet or mobile internet operator might provide a router or a hotspot to a customer, they could provide a CPE equipped with the QTM527 mmWave antenna module. That’s it. Qualcomm explains these CPEs can be placed in any one of a number of spots within the home, including on the roof or in a window.


In the announcement, Qualcomm points out that one of the biggest 5G deployment hurdles is the so-called “last mile.” That’s getting the 5G signal from a tower or cell into the user’s home.

CPEs fitted with this module are designed to specifically fix that issue.

Coming soon to your home

This is basically, mobile 5G, but for the home. In fact, the new module is based on the tech Qualcomm announced last year for mobile 5G. What’s more, this home version might not be that far away.


Although the new module was only announced today, Qualcomm confirmed it is already in the hands of its customers.

With the company adding that it expects the first devices using the mmWave module to land during the first half of next year.