Pre-Order Amazon's New Echo, Ring & eero Products

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Amazon announced a ton of new Echo devices today, and many of them are up for pre-order right now. Arriving between October and November. There are also a number of new products from Ring and a new mesh WiFi system coming from eero. All of which are up for pre-order now.

The new Amazon Echo Dot with Clock and Echo are arriving on October 16, while mostly everything else is coming in November or later.

Amazon Echo Devices

When it comes to Echo devices, there are six available for pre-order now. The Echo Loop and Echo Glasses won’t be available for a bit and will be invitation only.


There’s the Echo Dot with Clock, this one is coming in at $59.99 and it’s essentially an Echo Dot, but now there is an LED clock on the front. Making it perfect for the bedroom. It comes in a few colors, including charcoal, sandstone, plum, and heather gray. It does get an improvement in the audio section, but this is still a very small smart speaker, so don’t expect a lot from it, in terms of sound quality. But Amazon is still working with Google to improve the audio on all of its Echo smart speakers, so there is some promise there.

The Amazon Echo Dot with Clock pre-order are available now for $59.99, arriving on October 16.

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock - Amazon - $59.99

amazon echo 3rd gen AH
Amazon Echo (3rd Generation)

Amazon also update the Echo, bringing it to its third-generation. This time around it’s still $99, and has improved sound quality, as well as a few new colors – similar to the Echo Dot with Clock. This time around it’s available in twilight blue, sandstone, heather gray and charcoal. Pre-order of the Amazon Echo third-generation is now open and will also ship on October 16.

Amazon Echo - Amazon - $99

Now onto the newer Echo devices. There’s the Echo Studio. This is a high-end Echo speaker from Amazon, that is aimed at audiophiles. This one has Dolby Atmos included as well as 3D audio. So if you were looking for a smart speaker that has some insane sound, this is going to be the one to get, and it’s going to cost you only $199.


Amazon Echo Studio - Amazon - $199

Then we have the Echo Flex. This is a pretty interesting smart speaker from Amazon. It’s a plug-in smart speaker that you can put in the hallway, or really anywhere in your home. There is also a built-in USB port available on the Echo Flex, which is good for charging your phone or for plugging in another accessory.

Amazon Echo Flex - Amazon - $24.99

echo show 8
Amazon Echo Show 8

The Echo Show is now available in a new size. Amazon says it took the best of the 10-inch Echo Show and the smaller Echo Show 5, and put them into the Echo Show 8. So as you can tell, there’s a 8-inch screen here, and there’s still a camera on the front. That camera is used for doing video calls and also for seeing when someone is in the room. So that it is not on when there’s no one awake and using up more electricity. The Amazon Echo Show 8 pre-order is open and will cost you just $129.

Amazon Echo Show 8 - Amazon - $129

The Amazon Smart Oven is also available for pre-order today, and it comes with an Amazon Echo Dot. This is a continuation of the smart microwave that Amazon announced last year, and it’s aiming to be the Instant Pot of ovens. It is a convection oven, microwave, air fryer, and food warmer. It also has Alexa built-in, which is going to be able to tell you when your food is ready, among other things. The Amazon Smart Oven is going to cost you $249, and ships on November 14, 2019.


Amazon Smart Oven - Amazon - $249

Echo Glow was also announced as Amazon’s first smart light. Though this one is meant more for your kids. It’s a $29 smart light that has Alexa baked in, and can work as a night-light in your kids room. It does also work with Alexa Routines, so you can set the light to a specific color as part of a routine. If you really wanted to get fancy, you could set it to sync with the sunrise, to wake up your kids. Though that won’t work as well in the winter time, when the sun rises much later – and they have school. The Echo Glow is up for pre-order now and will be shipping on November 20.

Amazon Echo Glow - Amazon - $29


Finally, we have the Echo Buds. These are truly wireless earbuds with, you guessed it, Amazon Alexa built-in. These earbuds feature the Bose Active Noise Reduction Technology and also have a sealed in-ear design, which is going to help limit background noise. So that you can really immerse yourself in your music. These don’t technically have noise cancellation, but it’s pretty close. The Echo Buds are going for $129, which is actually a really low price for a pair of truly wireless earbuds in the first place, nevermind those with Alexa included.

Amazon Echo Buds - Amazon - $129

eero Mesh WiFi Router

Amazon introduced the eero Mesh WiFi Router today too, which marks eero’s first product since being acquired by Amazon in February.

eero Mesh WiFi Router

The eero Mesh WiFi Router is made for those that have a smaller home – around 1,500 square-feet – and want to get a mesh WiFi network without having to pay a few hundred bucks for one. This is a standalone router, but it can also work as an extender to your existing network. It’s going to improve your WiFi speeds, as you might expect, and also improve your coverage. This is going to work well for most apartments and condos.

eero Mesh WiFi Router is also much smaller, so it can fit on a countertop without really taking up a whole lot of room. That is pretty important, seeing as a lot of people will put their router on the floor, where it’s out of the way. But that also will result in worse signal, and that means slower WiFi. Something we all hate with a passion. So creating a great looking router that is also pretty small, is an easy way to get around that.

And of course, this would not be an Amazon product, without Alexa support. So now you can give commands to your router, via Alexa. Finally, the eero Mesh WiFi Router is also super simple to set up, in fact you can set it up in as little as ten minutes. You can order your eero Mesh WiFi Router from Amazon today for just $99, and it’ll ship immediately – you can get it as soon as Friday!

eero Mesh WiFi Router - Amazon - $99

New Ring Products

Ring also debuted a number of new products at Amazon’s Fall Hardware event today, all of which are now available too.

First up is the Ring Indoor Cam. This is a $59.99 camera, that makes it the most affordable and first indoor-only security camera from Ring. It’s a small but pretty impressive security camera that is able to output 1080p video. You can place it on any flat surface, or mount it on a wall. Ring allows users to disable motion and audio recording from in the app, and there’s also an indicator light that will appear whenever it is recording.

Ring Indoor Cam - Amazon - $59.99

ring stick up cam
Ring Stick Up Cam

Ring also debuted its next-generation Stick Up Cam today. It’s available in Plug-In for $99, Battery for $99 and the Solar model is $148.99. This Stick Up Cam is great because you can put it inside or outside your home and keep an eye on your home. They feature 1080p HD video recording, as well as motion detection, night vision, two-way talk and a wide viewing angle. These are really great cameras to use in your home and put outside of your home, as they are pretty small and super simple to install. The solar model is really good, if you have a lot of sunlight, as you won’t need to worry about making sure it never runs out of battery.

All three of these models of the Ring Stick Up Cam will start shipping on October 23.

Ring Stick Up Cam (Plug In) - Amazon - $99

Ring Stick Up Cam (Battery) - Amazon - $99

Ring Stick Up Cam (Solar) - Amazon - $149

Wrap Up

That’s everything that Amazon announced, that is available for pre-order now. Ring has a few other devices too, but those aren’t going to be available until next year – so no pre-orders just yet.

These are all going to be available before the holidays, which means that you can pick some of these up as stocking stuffers this holiday season. And the new Echo Dot with Clock would make the perfect stocking stuffer too. Most of these are shipping in October, with some a bit later in November.

This is the fall line up from Amazon. There’s a ton of new hardware here, but surprisingly, nowhere near as much as Amazon announced last year. These updates and new products actually seem to be products that we’d want to use, which is a stark contrast from some of the ones we got last year. Though there are still a couple of products that will be very limited like the Echo Loop and Echo Frames. It’ll be interesting to see how much of a discount some of these get during the holiday season, which is right around the corner.