Polar Looks To Ignite Fresh Interest With New Colors At IFA 2019

Polar Ignite new colors IFA 2019

The Polar Ignite fitness wearable has shown up at this year’s IFA 2019 event in Berlin sporting two new colors for users to choose from. Building on the already available but fairly standard Black, White, and Yellow configurations, Polar’s newest options are arguably more sophisticated. Now, buyers can select a rose gold or copper coloration instead.

Polar’s “Copper” Ignite includes the same straightforward black strap found on the “Black” version of the smartwatch-like wearable. Polar has opted to replace the silver-style frame around the face of that design with a dark copper-tone instead for the new configuration.

The “Rose Gold” variant of that same device is decidedly more feminine-chic and completely new. That features a pink-hued strap while the frame around the face of the wearable takes on a brighter rose-gold tint.


The new colors appear to be all that’s new with Polar Ignite

Aside from trendy new styling that certainly stands apart from the previous offerings, nothing new appears to have been included with Polar’s copper and rose gold Ignite wearables. These are still the same great fitness-focused devices on the inside. The previous colorations, available since Ignite’s June launch, are still available too.

Ignite was built around the idea that fitness isn’t all about the workout. It provides similar heart rate variability and breathing measurements as its competitors. But that’s for around-the-clock tracking in addition to exercise tracking.

Ignite also brings that same metric logging to sleep tracking. So fitness-conscious users can keep better tabs on keeping their sleep habits healthy too. That’s all encompassed under a feature called “Nightly Recharge” that takes the same metrics taken during the day and applies them to sleep.


Summarily, that works through something Polar refers to as Sleep Plus Stages, which provides wears with ‘sleep quality insights’. That’s a quantification of how long they slept, as well as measurements about how they transitioned through the different stages of sleep. The wearable covers all the way from light sleep to deep sleep and REM sleep.

The wearable helps alert users to whether or not they’re not only getting enough sleep. It also helps determine if that’s good enough sleep to keep up with their fitness needs.

Nightly Recharge and Sleep Plus Stages aren’t the only features on the Ignite fitness wearable either. FitSpark, for example, is a personalized training feature that delivers smart coaching for wearers. The tool suggests training routine enhancements like exercises based on the goals of the user. So it might offer up cardio workout suggestions or pointers on strength training exercises to try.


No change in pricing or availability either

Polar hasn’t made any changes under the hood or in terms of where its Ignite wearable can be purchased. So it shouldn’t be too surprising that there’s no news by way of any change in pricing either as of IFA 2019.

Any of the variants, including the more stylish new entries can be purchased for right around $230. Additional bands are available for $25 too. So, for those who want to mix and match their styles to fit a wider variety of environments or activities, that’s easy enough to accomplish.