Pokémon Masters Reaches 10 Million Downloads Milestone


Pokémon Masters has reached a major milestone, surpassing 10 million downloads.

This is the amount of downloads from players across both Android and iOS platforms, but that doesn't make reaching this milestone any less impressive.

In fact, the game was able to reach this number in just over five days. Seeing as it officially launched worldwide on August 29.


10 Million is a big milestone; the numbers speak for themselves

Despite having provoked the ire of numerous fans across various forms of social media, the game seems to be a success as the numbers speak for themselves.

If you take a look at any comment section of posts in places like Twitter or Facebook about about Pokémon Masters before it launched, you wouldn't have to search for long before stumbling across a train of comments showing distaste for the new title.

That doesn't seem to have slowed down Pokémon Masters' momentum, however. And for good reason. The game is fun and its free, which means it's widely accessible.


The fact that it is free is precisely why people have been unhappy about the game though. At least prior to its actual global launch.

Free doesn't mean lack of quality

While a number of users have expressed their discontent with the free Pokémon game before it was officially available to everyone, the general consensus now appears to be fairly positive.

One user who goes by Alex Blueshift on Twitter sums up perfectly the overall feeling that players are having about the game.



Granted, this is one player's opinion out of many who may have tried it. Not everyone is going to feel the same. That being said, it does look like many users are enjoying it.

It may not seem that way if you look at the overall rating the game has on Google Play. It's currently sitting at a 3.6 star rating with a total of 129K reviews.


That's not exactly the best, but if you compare that to the overall rating on the App Store there's a vastly different take. There the game has just over 85K reviews and a 4.7 star rating.

If you've yet to give Pokémon Masters a try, you can pick up the free game now through Google Play. There's even an event you can dive into as it just started yesterday, and it will be available all the way until September 29 so you have plenty of time to complete everything it offers.