Google Pixelbook 2 Confirmed At FCC Ahead Of Launch


An update to previously reported FCC listings has now all but confirmed that Google will be launching its Pixelbook 2 Chromebook soon. The listing isn't entirely new but a model number change and a few other details are forthcoming.

To begin with, the document now refers to the device, previously listed with the designation "PD99260D2L" to "HFSG021A."

The documentation also refers to the device as a "laptop" explicitly. Images included alongside confirm the location of antennas for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Those will be separated but placed between the display and keyboard. More directly, those will be placed on the display side of the hinge on the back.


On the Wi-Fi side of things, the FCC listing confirms that the device will utilize Wi-Fi 802.11ac protocol. That's as opposed to the newer 802.11ax protocol. Dual-band support for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz is included. There's no indication as to what version of Bluetooth is included.

Eliminating confusion around HFSG021A

The first time Google's upcoming device made a stop at the FCC, documentation surrounding it was decidedly vaguer. The search giant has already thrown in the towel with regard to tablet-style devices. But the model designation and device manufacturer didn't clearly identify the device as either a Chromebook or as a smartphone.

The updates to the FCC listing for the device are less ambiguous. The model designation, for instance, now follows those used for both the Pixel Slate and the original Google Pixelbook. Since this isn't going to be another tablet, that all but confirms this device will be the Pixelbook 2.


The timing of the listing is also pertinent here since Google's annual hardware event is coming up in October. That's October 15 and will take place in New York City.

What's known so far about Pixelbook 2?

Now, Google may not intend to refer to its newest Chromebook as the Pixelbook 2. When the company launched its first device, that was dubbed the Google Chromebook Pixel. The next device was Google Pixelbook and it stands to reason the company could change that up again.

Aside from final branding, at least a few details about the device have already been outlined through various commits to the Chromium code repository. Those have been pushed to the Gerrit under the codename "Atlas."


Among the most interesting of those are commits leading to the conclusion that an LTE model may be in the works. There's nothing in the Pixelbook 2 FCC listing to support that. But a mobile data configuration can't be ruled out yet since that may require a second filing.

Clues in the Gerrit have additionally shown that Google's Pixelbook 2 will ship with a 4K resolution display panel. That may or not be included on every variant of the new Pixelbook.

For internal specifications, benchmarks have pointed to a device that's only a slight improvement over the Google Pixel Slate. Intel Core i7 and Intel Core i5 versions are expected. Both will likely ship with 16GB RAM instead of the 8GB of memory found in some versions of the tablet. That should equate to a much better performance from the new devices.


60W charging is predicted this time around too, up from the 45W charging used previously. Ports are expected to be identical to those on the Google Pixelbook.