Pixel 4 Camera To Come With A Feature For Action Shots


The Google Pixel 4 is coming with some updated camera equipment. To help highlight that, Google is reportedly adding some new tricks to the camera app.

One of those new tricks is a brand-new feature for Pixel devices. It's an action shot mode that should allow users to take better quality photos of moving subjects. Like at sporting events.

Officially called 'Motion Mode,' the new feature will likely launch with Google's upcoming phones. Whether or not it will be added to the camera app for other Pixel devices is unclear.


That cool blur effect will help capture the excitement

Action shots are fantastic. Especially when the moment you're trying to immortalize is a rather exciting affair.

Motion Mode will help accentuate these moments thanks to the cool blur effect on the background. All the while the subject will stay in focus.

The Pixel 4 wouldn't be the first smartphone to offer such a camera feature, but it will be a first for Pixel devices, and that's something. Google's Pixel phones are already towards the top of the list when it comes to picture quality, and this should only help that.


Night Sight is getting improved

Night Sight isn't a new feature in the Google camera on Pixel phones. It's available right now in fact. It is however getting an improvement.

There aren't very detailed specifics just yet but the improvement is said to include something related to speed. Perhaps for how quickly the camera app is able to process the photo after taking it.

In addition to the speed-related improvement Night Sight will also be getting some "general" enhancements that will make night shots better than before.


If you take a lot of photos at night these will be great adjustments, as Night Sight is already really good at brightening up shots to reveal more detail. It's also said that Google will position Night Sight as helping take better photos of astronomical objects.

Google is expected to launch its latest phone next month, as it has done for the past three devices. In addition to improved Night Sight and the new Motion Mode, the phone will have various hardware improvements.

An integrated Project Soli chip will be on the front for gesture functionality, and the phone now comes with a telephoto lens. That in particular is what will probably be used for the Motion Mode feature.


It will also reportedly have a 90Hz display, which should put it on par with some of the gaming-related phones.

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