Over 100 Custom Songs for Beat Saber Ranked in This Infographic

Beat Saber Custom Song Ranking

Custom songs for Beat Saber are one of the best reasons to keep coming back to the veritable VR rhythm game.

While the official team at Beat Saber has delivered dozens of new songs since its introduction, the third-party modding community has far more manpower than the fledgling Czech Republic-based company, which only has a handful of employees.

As such, there are literally thousands of songs available through mods like Beast Saber, which can be installed on your PC via a simple download or through Sidequest on the Oculus Quest.


From there you’ll be able to browse all of these songs and download them with a few clicks, adding effectively unlimited replayability to the already highly addictive rhythm game.

These custom songs for Beat Saber can be hard to go through, though, as there hasn’t been one go-to way of ranking the songs with lots of detail or the benefit of tags.

One Reddit user took this task upon himself and his family and decided to rank their favorite songs. The data was then added to Tableau and is represented in an incredibly handy, easy to read infographic. Check that out right here.


Brad, Gracie, and Noah, a family of two 39-year-olds and one 11-year-old, have taken some rather painstaking time to categorize and detail their favorite songs, including special comments for many of these titles, and have ranked over 100 custom songs for Beat Saber for easy perusal. There’s even a link in the Reddit thread to quickly download all of these songs so that you won’t have to go through a list and click a thousand times.

For many, this list comes right on time as they begin to one-up their high scores in the latest downloadable content. There’s nothing quite like a slew of new songs to get you excited about playing again, and Beat Saber is one of the many great ways to get a serious cardio and arm workout in VR, too.

Beat Saber is an Internet phenomenon and has gone on to become one of the best selling VR titles in history.


It even made it to #6 on the global top sellers’ list on Steam and has sold millions of copies across all platforms its available on. Custom songs are, sadly, not an official addition though and are not available on the PlayStation VR version of the game.

Thankfully, on the platforms where the mods are available, modding is easily and encouraged by the developers who have an open relationship with the modding community and content creators alike.

This open relationship has certainly helped spur on interest in the game, which is regularly featured on streaming channels.


In fact, just today we saw some impressive skills displayed with the popular “Darth Maul Lightsaber” mods that exist for Beat Saber. @playernumber_one on TikTok has a few videos well worth taking a look at if you enjoy seeing impressive skills with a virtual blade. What are some of your favorite custom songs? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you.