OPPO Will Introduce A Smartphone With 65W Charging Next Month

OPPO Reno Ace coming

OPPO is planning to up the ante when it comes to smartphone charging. The company has announced that 65W SuperVOOC charging is coming next month, with a new phone.

This new charging solution will debut with the OPPO Reno Ace smartphone. All we know at this point is that the phone will debut in October, but the exact date is unknown.

This information has been reconfirmed by the company’s VP, Brian Shen. He reconfirmed the information via his official Weibo (Chinese social media) account.


OPPO Reno Ace coming with 90Hz display

Not much info surfaced when it comes to the OPPO Reno Ace , but the phone is rumored to sport a 90Hz display. This will be one of several upcoming phones to include such display refresh rate. The OnePlus 7 Pro managed to popularize high refresh rates on smartphones, it seems. Google’s Pixel 4 phones are also rumored to include a display with a 90Hz refresh rate.

We still do not know how fast will OPPO’s 65W charging recharge a smartphone, but it will be fast. OPPO already released the OPPO R17 Pro which supports 50W charging, and this new solution will be considerably faster.

We may not know how fast will OPPO’s 65W charging be, but we do have info regarding its 50W charging. That charging solution is also “SuperVOOC”-branded, by the way.


50W charging that is included with the OPPO R17 Pro can charge up the phone from 0 to 40-percent in only 10 minutes. Scmp’s OPPO R17 Pro unit took 10 minutes to charge from 15 to 55-percent. It took the phone 20 minutes to reach 85-percent charge, and 30 minutes to fully charge.

65W charging should be able to fully charge the OPPO Reno Ace in approximately 30 minutes

So, it seems like the OPPO R17 Pro can fully charge in under 45 minutes, based on this info. That means that the company’s 65W charging will be even faster than that, which is exciting.

This will be the fastest smartphone charging in the world, well, at least of those available ones. OPPO is working on 120W charging, while Xiaomi is developing 100W charging. Neither of those are available yet.


Once it becomes available, however, OPPO’s 120W charging will be incredibly fast. It will be able to fully recharge a phone in just 13 minutes.

Now, if you take into consideration that 120W charging will be able to recharge a phone in 13 minutes, that means that 65W charging could do the same in 30 minutes, or less.

In any case, we’ll get far more info next month once the OPPO Reno Ace lands. That device is expected to feature a pop-up camera, large display, and plenty of RAM. We don’t have any specifics just yet, though.