OnePlus Vows To Fix Problem With Keeping Apps Active In The Background


OnePlus hosted its second "Open Ears Forum" back in May, in India. That event was hosted in Goa, on May 4. It took OnePlus quite a bit of time to recap the event, but the recap is finally here. The major takeaway? Keeping apps active in the background, amongst other things.

The company essentially gathered a bunch of community members from various different parts of India. OnePlus did that in order to gather feedback on OxygenOS, for the most part. Though its other products were discussed as well.

OnePlus says that it wanted to get a fresh perspective on some of its products. All that with a goal of creating a better experience for consumers.


Now, this event was hosted in India, for Indian users, but India units of OnePlus' smartphones run the same software as other global units. That means that these promises, most of them at least, are valid for everyone.

Fix for keeping apps active in the background is coming

The main takeaway from this has to do with OxygenOS' handling of background apps. OnePlus promised to fix that specific issue in the coming updates.

OxygenOS can be quite aggressive when it comes to keeping apps active in the background. It often kills apps in the background in order to preserve battery. Some users may actually prefer this, but others see it as a considerable problem. That is not surprising considering that OnePlus' devices come with tons of RAM, and users want to take advantage of that.


OnePlus listed some other takeaways from this event. Seven, including the one we mentioned, to be accurate.

The company promised to release kernel sources on time for all builds of OxygenOS, including Open Beta builds.

Bounty Program is coming

Introduction of a Bounty Program was also promised by the company, so that users can report security vulnerabilities.


The company will promote custom ROMs on OnePlus Forums, and Social Media for EOL (End Of Life) devices.

OnePlus will also make sure that devices are seeded quicker to developer. It will do this thanks to a new initiative immediately after the devices get announced. OnePlus will also expand its existing device seeding program in order to include more members.

The last promise OnePlus made is to arrange more OnePlus community meetups. These new meetups will be organized around its developer community, by the way. That is more or less everything that the company said / promised this time around. Keeping apps active in the background is probably the most important promise that OnePlus made, let's hope that issue will be fixed soon. It took OnePlus quite a bit of time to come up with this recap, but better late than never, that's for sure.

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