OnePlus Really Wants You To Know It's Easy To Control OnePlus TV

OnePlus TV Remote Smartphone App 01

OnePlus TV is coming soon and like most TVs, it has a remote control.

Unlike most TV makers, however, OnePlus is pushing hard on a control marketing message prior to the launch.

OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau has posted two new teaser images recently, promoting how easy OnePlus TV control is.


OnePlus TV control is smarter control

The first teaser (shown above) highlights how varied OnePlus TV control is with the remote and smartphone both on show. The teaser not only indicates that both are OnePlus TV control points, but also suggests they’re on relatively equal footing.

The second teaser came through a few hours later in another tweet. The tweet read: “faster typing, easier searching, more seamless syncing.” Accompanying this message was a GIF showing OnePlus TV search in action when used with a smartphone.

For reference, the ability to search an Android TV interface using a smartphone is not new. The NVIDIA SHIELD has a dedicated app available which pretty much does the same thing.


However, OnePlus previously touted the efficiency and response of its Android TV solution and that’s what’s worth noting. The response time on the TV appears to be quicker than what is typically encountered on an Android TV device.

Of course, this is a marketing asset and real-world usage will be the real test.

OnePlus TV marketing not a surprise

It probably shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that OnePlus is pushing the smartphone’s use as a remote. After all, OnePlus is a smartphone company and is expected to announce a new phone at the same event as OnePlus TV. If not at the same event, then shortly after.


In a recent interview, the company explained the tight integration between its phone and TV products, and these latest teasers are an extension of that explanation.

However, there is arguably some contradiction in this marketing message. For example, if the remote that comes with the TV is that good, then presumably there’s no need to use a smartphone app at all.

By the same token, if the smartphone integration is that good, then it remains to be seen why the company has invested so heavily (at least in marketing terms) in the remote.


Irrespective of how good the remote or the smartphone integration is, consumers will be paying for any Android TV improvements.

OnePlus has already confirmed OnePlus TV will be a premium product with premium pricing attached.