OnePlus TV Now Official: Two Versions, Android TV, Oxygen Play & More


OnePlus today announced the launch of OnePlus TV.

OnePlus TV will be available in two main variants, OnePlus TV Q1 and OnePlus TV Q1 Pro, and initially sold in just one size – 55 inches.

One of the primary differences between the Q1 and Q1 Pro models is the inclusion of a soundbar for improved audio.


OnePlus enters the TV market

With the launch of OnePlus TV, OnePlus has now officially entered the TV market. The company is positioning its TV as a premium product. In particular, the display.

Regardless of lighting conditions, gaming or watching, OnePlus argues its TV is the best display to be using. This in part due to the various features and AI tweaks in use. OnePlus TV boasts a QLED display with support for super resolution, color brightness, color enhancement, contrast enhancement, noise reduction and Dolby Vision.

Further emphasizing the display priority, OnePlus says its TV scores 96 percent on DCIP-3 and 120 percent on NTSC. The latter of which OnePlus says is the highest score ever awarded.


A play for better audio

OnePlus TV is also making a play for audio. The company has now confirmed its soundbar comes equipped with eight speakers: six forward-facing and two rear-facing. All of which work together to provide a more immersive listening experience.

All in all, the total output comes in at 50 watts. The soundbar is only provided with the Pro model.

The soundbar is also an aspect that can be hidden away when not in use. Basically, when the TV is turned on, the soundbar emerges and disappears when the TV is turned off again – similar to how a pop-up camera is accessed and hidden on a smartphone.


Android TV gets a (slight) makeover

OnePlus TV comes running on Android TV although OnePlus has customized the experience a little. In reality, the customization is very minimal compared to the overtures made by the company prior to launch.

The main difference compared to standard Android TV is a new interface within the main interface called Oxygen Play. This is the OnePlus main addition and acts as a content discovery platform. OnePlus says, the idea is to find content quicker.

The TV also supports the company's OnePlus Connect app which acts as a bridge between a smartphone and the TV.


OnePlus has now confirmed many of the major content providers will be available through OnePlus TV. The very notable exception is Netflix.

Netflix is not supported at launch. While the company says that will change in due course, no time-frame was provided.

OnePlus TV Pricing and availability

OnePlus has now confirmed pricing for OnePlus TV. The standard Q1 model will cost Rs 69,990 in India. That equates to just under $1000 in U.S.


The premium OnePlus TV Q1 Pro model will retail at Rs 99,990. Again, that equates to roughly $1,400 in U.S.

OnePlus TV goes on sale in India on September 28, 2019 via Amazon.

The company has yet to provide any firm information on availability outside of India.


OnePlus TV gallery

Here's a closer look at both the OnePlus TV Q1 and the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro.

OnePlus TV Q1 Pro

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